Learning Environment

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The learning environment for instruction can vary in different classrooms based on the teacher’s perspective, objectives of lesson plans, and the needs of the students. Teachers who have moved away from the traditional style of learning may promote the constructivist learning environment to integrate learning styles and cater to their students’ needs.

The Learning Environment

Active LearningActive Learning - Focus

With an active learning environment, the term speaks for itself, students are actively involved in the learning process. There is no chalk and talk at the front of the classroom by a teacher, but… Read more

Personalised Learning
Project - Personalised Learning

The personalised learning approach takes into account each student’s needs and preferences in the classroom. A teacher who knows each student’s strengths, weaknesses… Read more

Group LearningGroup Learning Environment Home

Many teachers see group work as an opportunity for their students to get involved with the lesson. They expect that the various personalities, cultural backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge… Read more

Outdoor Learning
Crop Plantation - Outdoor Learning - Home

The world outside the home and school has more to it than traffic congestion, buildings, parks, and people pacing busily through the streets. There are many outdoor options… Read more