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There are many ways to teach and learn lessons. The active ways are obviously better. It is important that teachers and students use resources that include visual, auditory, tactile, reading, writing, and kinesthetic usage to make lessons engaging for the student, rather than the focus being on the teacher. Here are some resources that teachers and students can use that involve creativity and productivity during the teaching and learning process.

Resources for active learning


Teachers and parents can promote active learning using various materials. Here are some ideas to encourage children to develop their cognitive and motor skills while having fun… Read more

Memory development

Script Memory Resources

The best way to develop a student’s memory is through practice. Learners have preferences when it comes to achieving this goal. Here are some resources that… Read more

Focus exercisesFocus Resources

A teacher must find ways to keep their students engaged in the lessons at all times. Here are some useful resources for teachers to use before or during lessons to keep students wide awake… Read more

Subject areas

Subject books

Teachers and parents may assist students with any subject in which they have trouble understanding with useful resources that cater to a specific subject area. Here are some topics… Read more