Teens and Adults

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Getting a formal education may be a breeze for many people, but a struggle for a lot of teens and adults. Teenagers who are still in school are faced with balancing their academic work with all the pressures that come with being a teenager. Adults who have entered the rat race but have no formal education become stuck in a dead end job or face embarrassing situations throughout their lives.

Pass exams or get a job?No focus - Home Teens and Adults

Tommy played football, spent time with his friends, and his parents never complained about his lifestyle. All of a sudden, the complaints come every day. They tell him that he’s becoming a man and… Read more

YOLO be smart with your lifeYolo Teens and Adults

Many kids today are screaming YOLO and believe it means since “you only live once” you must do many stupid things before you die. They abuse the term YOLO incessantly just before they jump off a… Read more

Promotion deniedPromotion Home Teens and Adults

I see younger people come out of universities and get placed in higher positions than mine. What is more important, a person who knows about the job or a person who can do the job… Read more

Mom of the Year can’t spellEmbarrassed - Spell Teens and Adults

Parents volunteered to assist with the decorations, fund raising events, food, and music. Pam insisted on preparing the schedule to be handed out by the door. It was something huge and going to be… Read more

Security guard’s improper reportsecurity guard teens and adults

Poor Mike, he does not even know what is happening. He thinks that they are laughing at his comical description of the bandits. He calls them, “An ugly squad looking like they bought their costumes… Read more

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