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The types of students in a classroom can influence instruction just as much as learning styles do. Some teachers may create lesson plans that cater to students who enjoy visual learning, auditory learning, read-write learning and kinesthetic learning, but they may not be certain exactly who are these students. Teachers should take time to identify the types of students in their classroom in order to be sure their lessons are catering to everybody’s needs.

Types of students

Accelerated Accelerated

We all know that gifted pupil who excels at every subject with very little effort. He or she accelerates faster than the rest of his or her classmates in a school where average students… Read more

DelayedDelayed Student

In a traditional classroom with a high rate of average students, a delayed child is lost with the lesson, apathetic to do assignments, distant from schoolmates, invisible to everyone including… Read more

AttentiveAttentive Student

The attentive student is a teacher’s charm. He or she diligently pays attention to every word, note, and instruction given, notices the clues hinted in case studies before anyone else, identifies… Read more

DistractedDistracted Student

The distracted student is well known in the traditional classroom for slowing down the progress of the session. He or she daydreams in class, stares through the window, turns whenever… Read more

FocussedFocused - Home

We all know that one pupil who usually has it all together. This is the person who constantly takes notes in his or her daily journal, organiser, scrap book, on sticky notes and make perfectly laid out… Read more

UnfocussedUnfocussed Student

The unfocussed student has very little passion for the lessons scheduled on a school’s syllabus. He or she prefers to do everything else under the sun other than academic schooling. These… Read more 

DisciplinedDisciplined Student

The disciplined student is a stickler for rules, obeys instructions always, acknowledges the difference between right and wrong and in some cases just might be a teacher’s pet. This is the child who sits… Read more


Undisciplined Student

Many teachers are faced with the problem of an undisciplined student who is disobedient, badly behaved, disruptive and out of control. He or she is a serious problem in a classroom as he or she slows… Read more

OutspokenOutspoken Student

The outspoken pupil has an opinion about almost anything. He or she answers every question the teacher puts forward and has a counter argument for the points made by… Read more

QuietQuiet Student

The quiet student is the most misunderstood person in the classroom. This student hardly ever speaks or does it inaudibly when asked a question, barely interacts with his or her peers… Read more

LazyLazy Student

The lazy student is sluggish, fatigued, and unresponsive. This student comes to class, sits at the back with head bowed on the desk and naps for the entire period. Some teachers interrupt their sessions… Read more