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6 Ways to add: Fast facts and fun tricks to conquer calculations!

Ways to add

Math class got you feeling like you’re stuck in slow-motion addition? Mastering addition doesn’t have to be a drag. With a few clever tricks and techniques, you can become a lightning-fast calculator knowing different ways to add numbers. Imagine this: you’re faced with a mountain of addition problems, but instead …

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Algebra basics: 7 important things to know before you start

Algebra basics

The foundation of algebra begins with understanding the basic building blocks of the discipline. Knowing these fundamental principles will make learning algebra easier for beginners. Here are 7 algebra basics that form the starting point for learning algebra. 7 Algebra basics Variables and constants The concept of variables (often represented …

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Unveiling the power of functions: Additional Mathematics Lesson 1

Functions Additional Mathematics

The first lesson in Additional Mathematics sets the stage for an exciting journey into the world of advanced concepts. We’ll begin by demystifying the fascinating realm of functions, the building blocks of much of what you’ll encounter in this course. Get ready to: Define what a function is: Imagine a machine …

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Additional Mathematics: Introduction to the wonderful world of math!

Additional Mathematics

Welcome to the exciting world of Additional Mathematics (AM)! This course is designed to build upon your foundation in Ordinary Mathematics and delve deeper into fascinating areas like calculus, vectors, and statistics. Get ready to sharpen your problem-solving skills, boost your logical thinking, and unlock new ways to understand the …

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Clock: 8 Simple steps to telling time on an analogue timepiece


Telling time on an analogue clock can be challenging for many people since digital timepieces have grown so popular. The flat display of 60 strokes, 12 numbers, and 3 sticks that move mechanically all day can be somewhat baffling to some viewers. A lot of children, teens and adults see …

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