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We offer useful resources to help students obtain success from the pre-school level to the upper secondary school level in English, Math, Business and Accounting, Sciences and Tech.

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The content we provide comes in the simplest form for teachers, parents, students, and anyone who needs learning resources to teach someone such as a young child, big kid, adult, or foreign speaker in an English learning environment.

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Our website, YouTube channel and TikTok page provide FREE lessons, advice, worksheets, posters, videos and games that give learners the opportunity to perform at their own pace in a personalised educational setting at school and home.

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Books on Amazon

Learning English is made easy with our 10 books in the series Improve Spelling and Reading Skills. Each book focusses on words with two particular letters in several fun stories. Here is the list:

Study Zone Improve Spelling and Reading Skills series:

  1. AI Stories
  2. EA Stories
  3. EE Stories
  4. EI Stories
  5. EY Stories
  6. IE Stories
  7. OA Stories
  8. OO Stories
  9. OU Stories
  10. OW Stories

These books are available in e-book and paperback on Amazon and can be used in many constructive settings. Use them during story time, spelling improvement classes, poetry sessions, improving phonological and phonemic awareness classes, reading intervention programmes, adult literacy classes, and English as a Second Language classes.

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