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Learning Environment

Memory development and sensory resources

Voice recorder. Outspoken student. Memory development.

The best way to develop a student’s memory is through practise. Learners have preferences when it comes to memory development. Here are some resources that will help the visual learner, auditory learner, read-write learner and kinesthetic learner. Memory development and sensory learners Visual Charts, posters, maps, and diagrams are visual images …

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Personalised learning in the classroom

Resources. Personalised learning.

The personalised learning approach takes into account each student’s needs and preferences in the classroom. A teacher knows each student’s strengths, weaknesses, preferred learning styles, behaviours and special needs. The teacher designs instructions that are student-centred and that allow them to learn at their own pace.  Although this approach requires …

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Outdoor learning for students and family

Outdoor learning.

The world outside the home and school has more to it than traffic congestion, buildings and busy people. There are many outdoor learning options for students to enjoy with friends and family. Here are some outdoor learning activities to consider when planning your next family outing or field trip. CLICK HERE …

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Subjects for charts, videos, audio, costumes

Stationery. Subjects.

Teachers and parents may assist students with subjects in which they have trouble understanding using resources. Subjects may have topics with a lot of notes that require constant learning. Students can memorise this information with resources that cater to the four learning styles. Visual: Posters, charts, maps, diagrams, photographs, videos …

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Group work in a classroom yays and nays

Colour pencils. Disciplined student. Group work.

Group work is an important aspect of classroom design. It involves all the activities carried out at a work place, dance academy, football club, and home. Students collaborate, communicate, assign roles, support each other, and in the end, join parts together to present a complete project. While this process has many …

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