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Is my child a struggling learner? 5 obvious signs

Struggling learner

A struggling learner hardly ever says, “I have a problem and need help.” It is common for parents and teachers to realise there is a problem after seeing consistent bad grades. At this point, the child has very little interest in doing schoolwork or enthusiasm to improve. CLICK HERE to …

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Working parents: Is physical or online school safer?

Working parents

Before 2020, working parents gladly dropped off their children to school knowing that they had everything they needed at the institution, while no one was at home. There were teachers to provide knowledge and discipline. The other students socialised with their children preparing them for all sorts of personalities. The …

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Bad grades: Tips for students, parents, teachers

Stationery. Undisciplined Student. Bad grades.

Bad grades can be very disappointing for students, parents and teachers. Added to the issues that caused the bad grades, students feel even worse with the results. Parents feel let down with bad grades after they have provided their children with everything they need. Teachers feel like failures after their …

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Lack of focus: A guide for parents

Binoculars. Unfocused student. Focus exercises. Lack of focus.

Children with a lack of focus can make parents worry. While there are children who show off their good grades, scholarships, trophies and interest in continuous learning, others just don’t care. Parents know their children have a lack of focus when they show interest in everything else but school. They …

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Autism signs parents should take seriously

Lego and draughts. Autism signs

Everyone is quirky in some way or the other. Many autism signs in young children that usually make parents a little nervous tend to go away in time. In other cases, unique behaviours are embraced or ridiculed by family members, neighbours, friends, teachers, colleagues and even strangers. When the peculiarities …

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