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Smoke free: Why you should never start smoking

Smoke free

Thinking about picking up a cigarette? Hold that thought! Sure, smoking might seem cool in movies, with actors taking dramatic drags and blowing out smoke rings. But in real life? The reality is far from it. In fact, smoking is a major buzzkill that can seriously mess with your life. …

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Reading methods evolve: How we teach children to read has changed drastically

Reading methods

For generations, educators have grappled with the most effective ways to unlock the world of literacy for children. This journey, marked by the evolution of reading methods, is a fascinating exploration of pedagogy and its impact on young minds. The history of reading instruction is a testament to our ongoing …

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Entrepreneur in the making: Your guide to launching your dream business


Ever dreamed of turning your hobby into your hustle? Do you spend hours tinkering with electronics, crafting intricate jewellery, or writing captivating stories? Maybe you dream of developing educational apps, breeding exotic fish, offering dog walking services in your neighbourhood, or creating stunning graphic designs? What if that passion you …

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Why hair care matters now: Hair today, shine tomorrow

Hair care

Hey there! Let’s talk hair care! It might seem unimportant now, but trust us, developing a good hair care routine when you’re young can make a big difference down the road. Here’s why: Hair care: More than just good looks Hair care isn’t just about having the perfect hairstyle for …

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What to wear to an interview: Get the job you want!

What to wear to an interview

Landing your dream job can feel like winning the lottery – it’s exciting, life-changing, and totally within your reach! But before you start celebrating, there’s one crucial hurdle to jump: the interview. It’s nerve-wracking, sure, but it’s also your chance to shine. The good news? This article is the ultimate …

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