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Students in Classroom

Learn each type of student to give better instruction

Resources. Personalised learning.

A classroom is made up of several types of students and it is important for the teacher to know exactly who they are so as to zone in on their needs. For every type of student known in the classroom, there may be one who is the complete opposite. Knowledge …

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How to help a distracted student to focus in class

Pencil. Ruler. Paper. Distracted student.

The distracted student is well known in the traditional classroom for slowing down the progress of the session. This student daydreams in class, stares through the window and turns whenever someone passes by the door. Sometimes he sneaks a peak at his cell phone and when asked a spontaneous question, …

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What a focussed student needs to face challenges

Focused Student. Lego.

We all know that one focussed student who usually has it all together. This is the student who takes notes in his daily journal, organiser, scrap book and on sticky notes. He makes perfectly laid out plans for his entire future at a very young age. This is the student …

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Give unfocussed student interesting lesson

Binoculars. Unfocused student. Focus exercises. Lack of focus.

The unfocussed student has very little passion for the lessons scheduled on a school’s syllabus. This student prefers to do everything else under the sun other than academic schooling. He plays sports, video games, sends texts, listens to music, watches videos and posts on social media all day. But, when …

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Help the disciplined student to be versatile

Colour pencils. Disciplined student. Group work.

The disciplined student obeys instructions, acknowledges the difference between right and wrong and might be a teacher’s pet. This student sits at the front of the classroom and raises her hand to answer every question. She volunteers to distribute handouts, cleans the board and gets excited with surprise quizzes. She does …

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