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Help the disciplined student to be versatile

The disciplined student obeys instructions, acknowledges the difference between right and wrong and might be a teacher’s pet. This student sits at the front of the classroom and raises her hand to answer every question.

She volunteers to distribute handouts, cleans the board and gets excited with surprise quizzes. She does all assignments including the extra credit exercises and reads ahead. She is extremely punctual and aims enthusiastically to impress the teacher at all times.

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Disciplined student works alone

Teachers love a disciplined student. She keeps the evaluation scores that teachers have looking good. However, there is one striking reason the disciplined student excels academically. She works alone and is usually in control of her own achievements.

Some may ask, “So what’s the problem?” The problem is that a student who works alone misses out on the benefits of group work. Disciplined students are known to be self-centred, terrible team players, egotistic and do not handle failure well.

Also, these students are so deeply engrossed in their school work that they do not partake in other activities. Sports and drama help students to interact with other students. They obtain the tools they need for dealing with personalities outside of school. A school’s objective is to prepare students for the world so the needs of the disciplined student should be considered.

What the disciplined student needs

The disciplined student needs to experience what it means to excel as a team. This can be achieved in an active classroom. The student must understand that other students have viable opinions too. She must welcome her colleagues’ contributions and take a back seat when it comes to being the boss. Teachers must take control away from this student through group projects and games that encourage team playing.

When doing a skit, students should randomly pick roles out of a bowl. In this way, the disciplined student may be a secondary character rather than the star.

In Pictionary, this student must be mixed with undisciplined students so there is a fair chance of failure for her. Nothing is wrong with experiencing a little disappointment. It teaches her how to be humble, helpful and motivating.

The objective is not to prevent these students from excelling but to give them the opportunity to be an all-rounded successful student. At the beginning of each lesson, you should explain clearly the expected learning outcomes of students. This gives them a goal to work towards.


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