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Accelerated student in the classroom

We all know that gifted student who excels at every subject with very little effort. This accelerated student is faster than the rest of his or her classmates in a school where average students attend.

He or she completes exercises before time is up and leaves the exam room first. This student does high quality work and makes teachers look and feel great about themselves.

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Teachers love a student like this, they wish for all their students to be like this. But, while trying to make this happen, they forget about the accelerated student who is held back.

An accelerated student in a traditional classroom

In a classroom setting where the instruction is the same for everyone, an accelerated student may experience contrasting emotions. He or she may feel empowered to be known as the brightest student in the class. This student may feel satisfied with the grades received and see no reason to move ahead.

Disciplined student.

However, another accelerated student may feel trapped in a classroom that moves too slow for him or her. This student would prefer to continue learning new lessons despite the speed of the class. In a traditional classroom, the accelerated student may become weary, depressed, agitated and may resort to being disruptive.

Options for the accelerated student

Students who feel a constant need to be challenged have several options at schools. A constructivist classroom allows all the students to learn at their own pace while in the same classroom.

The gifted student needs a variety of materials that involve visual, auditory, tactile, reading, writing, and kinesthetic usage. These make the student feel satisfied to be more creative and productive.

Also, gifted students may skip grades as a way to move forward. This works well for the student who will be learning at his or her own fast pace. At some point, it will be graduation time.

In some instances, however, a student may be too young to graduate and will be held back in the school bringing the fun to an end. In some countries, there are programmes offered that cater to the needs of gifted students. Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, Early Graduation, Early Admission to College are a few.

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