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Don’t give up on the undisciplined student

Many teachers are faced with the problem of an undisciplined student. This student is disobedient, disruptive and out of control. He or she is a serious problem in a classroom. The progress of the lesson is slowed down as the student constantly seeks attention.

Some teachers simply ignore these troublemakers and they slide by as low performing students. Other teachers may try feverishly to discipline them. As a result, teachers end up neglecting the needs of the rest of the class.

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What causes students to be undisciplined

Problems at home

Teachers depend on the family to play its role in preparing students to attend school with proper behaviour. If the home experiences the problems of poverty, abuse, neglect or it lacks discipline, then the school suffers. A student may act out or hold no regard for authority at school.

Developmentally delayed

A delayed student is one who is challenged mentally, physically or behaviourally. This student may be teased or bullied by other students for his or her shortcomings and resort to lashing out in the classroom. A dyslexic student may use aggression and violence as a defence mechanism to cope with the learning problem.

Instruction for the undisciplined student

This student needs exercises that make him or her feel useful. The student must channel the passion for disrupting the class into projects that keep him or her heavily occupied.

Debates encourage an undisciplined student to use the bad attitude to fight against another team. A group project demands concentration from each member of the group in order to be a success.

Skits and presentations require that students memorise lines in order to perform in front of the whole class. If all lessons are constructed with an active environment, this student will always be alert and well-behaved for longer periods.

Getting strict with the undisciplined student

After showing concern for a student’s well-being or giving the most creative lessons that you could come up with, you may be all worn out if the disruptions continue. Instead of giving up on the student who seems to not care about your efforts, you can try giving tough love.

Tough love has its pros and cons but when it comes to the undisciplined student, a teacher must focus on the benefits. Tough love takes students out of the bubble that gives them the idea that there are no consequences to their actions.

Teachers must take away privileges, deduct marks, don’t give extra time for unfinished assignments and not be friends with students. This strategy brings excellent results when the peaceful approaches fail.

Undisciplined student. Lazy student.

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