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What a focussed student needs to face challenges

We all know that one focussed student who usually has it all together. This is the student who takes notes in his daily journal, organiser, scrap book and on sticky notes. He makes perfectly laid out plans for his entire future at a very young age.

This is the student whose parents and teachers congratulate and celebrate consistently for being so focussed. This student is attentive. He makes long-term plans based on careful observations of people and situations.

Also, he makes pros and cons analyses regularly. Since he tends to excel at academics, no one suspects that this student has special needs that should be addressed.

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The needs of the focussed student

This student needs to be vocal so as to clarify any doubts about a topic. In a traditional classroom, the focussed student may have many questions unanswered. The teacher may request that students speak only when they are asked a question.

If it’s a large class, then this student may feel stifled. His concerns might remain bottled up, especially when the teacher requests only one response per student due to time constraint.

Also, the focussed student needs to experience life in abundance. This will shape the decisions that are consistently made about his or her future.

Without experience, this student’s grandiose decisions are based on testimonials, observations, and reports. These may not be as reliable as his or her own conclusions.

An active environment for the focussed student

A classroom designed with endless activities is the perfect one for a focussed student. Mystery games, scavenger hunts, and projects are ideal. They should heavily incorporate social studies, business, and psychology. These offer students hands-on opportunities to learn about people and institutions in society.

Role playing and performing skits are also very effective ways for exposing students to other cultures in the classroom. Each student brings something different to the table with their own sub-cultures and experiences.

A teacher may suggest an imaginary setting to be a workplace, college, home, grocery, or the streets. These settings would allow students to demonstrate what they know. At the same time, they would learn what their classmates have experienced.

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