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Outspoken student: Let him be heard

The outspoken student has an opinion about almost anything. This student answers every question the teacher puts forward. He also has a counter argument for the points made by other students.

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Some teachers and students adore the outspoken student as he contributes to the lesson’s progression. Others however may feel opposed by this obnoxious know-it-all who dominates the class. Despite the opinions of teachers and students, the outspoken student has needs that should be taken into consideration in a classroom.

What are the needs of the outspoken student

This student needs to speak aloud and be heard by everyone. He stifles in a classroom that requires students to listen and write. When he is able to express himself aloud he feels satisfied. If someone disagrees with him, he enjoys arguing. By addressing his needs in the classroom, he becomes an outspoken adult who is ready to face the world.

Classroom instruction for the outspoken student

The needs of the vocal student may be taken for granted by a teacher. This is because he is active, vocal, always prepared and seems to be a focussed student. With this in mind, the lessons should also cater to this student’s needs.

In an active environment, this student can be heard by making presentations. Instruction can be done in the form of a debate offering this student the opportunity to argue in competitions. Group projects can be presented in the form of dramatisation. The outspoken student faces challenges involved in dressing up and performing roles.


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