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Attentive student always ready for details

The attentive student is a teacher’s charm. This student diligently pays attention to every word, note and instruction given. She notices the clues hinted in case studies before anyone else. She identifies meaning in figurative speech and spots errors made in questions.

In a traditional classroom setting, these students are valuable to teachers. They listen attentively, read and follow instructions and show that they understand the lesson with proper assignments.

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The needs of the attentive student

Students who pay careful attention look forward to activities that allow them to keep their eyes on the ball. Many teachers take it for granted that the attentive student has specific needs. They assume this student is satisfied with the learning environment because they are always attentive. Although this student may seem focussed, this can be easily diminished if the lessons become monotonous.

When lessons do not pose any challenges for students, they become bored and frustrated. Reading passages and answering questions can become a task. Writing short stories and argumentative essays over and over may become annoying. Learning formulas and calculating numerous mathematical questions may make a student feel like a robot. Reading the notes given in class, text books and online can become frustrating.

Active learning environment

A classroom presented with games and group projects is fun. It provides a variety of materials involving visual, auditory, tactile, reading, writing, and kinesthetic usage. The classroom is active and is the perfect setting for the attentive student. Instead of reading passages and instructions alone, the student interacts with classmates. They collectively make suggestions and contributions to assignments.

Attentive student. Outspoken student. Quiet student.. Personalised learning.

The games charade, Scrabble, Pictionary and puzzles keep the attentive student focussed. It makes her a strong team player. Role playing, skits, and presentations allow this student to have fun while learning. The attentive student is involved with the lesson. She speaks, listens, writes and collaborates with fellow classmates.

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