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Learn each type of student to give better instruction

Resources. Personalised learning.

A classroom is made up of several types of students and it is important for the teacher to know exactly who they are so as to zone in on their needs. For every type of student known in the classroom, there may be one who is the complete opposite. Knowledge …

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Memory development and sensory resources

Voice recorder. Outspoken student. Memory development.

The best way to develop a student’s memory is through practise. Learners have preferences when it comes to memory development. Here are some resources that will help the visual learner, auditory learner, read-write learner and kinesthetic learner. Memory development and sensory learners Visual Charts, posters, maps, and diagrams are visual images …

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Outdoor learning for students and family

Outdoor learning.

The world outside the home and school has more to it than traffic congestion, buildings and busy people. There are many outdoor learning options for students to enjoy with friends and family. Here are some outdoor learning activities to consider when planning your next family outing or field trip. CLICK HERE …

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Active learning and types of students

Camera. Active learning.

With active learning, the term speaks for itself, students are actively involved in the learning process. There is no chalk and talk at the front of the classroom by a teacher. There is an entire class of students engaged in the lesson. CLICK HERE to Improve Spelling and Reading Skills …

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