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Social Studies

Generation gap: Bridging the divide between youth and their elders

Generation gap

The generation gap, a term used to describe the differences in attitudes, values, and behaviours between generations, is a complex phenomenon with far-reaching consequences. While it can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and conflict, it also presents unique opportunities for growth and progress. At its core, the generation gap arises from …

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Cell phones in school: A heated debate with no easy answers

Cell phones

Cellular phones have become ubiquitous in our lives, and schools are no exception. But with this integration comes a complex debate: are they a helpful tool for learning and connectedness, or a harmful distraction and potential safety hazard? Let’s examine both sides of the coin of having cell phones in …

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Starting your own business vs working for a company: Choosing your path

Starting your own business vs employee

The age-old question: to start your own business or climb the corporate ladder? The worlds of entrepreneurship and employment offer distinct paths, each with unique advantages and drawbacks. Understanding these differences is crucial before embarking on your career journey and the “best” choice ultimately depends on your individual personality, goals, …

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Capital punishment: Balancing justice and morality

Capital punishment

Capital punishment, known as the death penalty before execution occurs, remains a highly debated topic across the globe. Proponents argue it delivers justice, deters crime, and protects society, while opponents cite its ethical implications, irreversible nature in cases of wrongful convictions, and lack of conclusive evidence on deterrence. Examining both …

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Violent music: A symphony of discord or a cry for understanding?

Violent music

Violent music, a genre pulsating with aggression in its lyrics and imagery, has ignited a raging firestorm of debate for decades. Proponents celebrate it as a powerful form of artistic expression and cultural commentary, while opponents condemn its potential to glorify violence and negatively influence listeners. To understand this complex …

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