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Get a job if you don’t pass exams!

Stationery. Learning Resources. Get a job or pass exams.

“You better pass those exams,” they say. Tommy told the guidance counsellor about the pressure everyone was putting on him. He told her that since he turned 16 years, everyone started warning him about life. They tell him to get a job if he does not pass exams and graduate. …

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Degree vs experience for the job

Degree or experience for job.

While a formal education may seem unnecessary to some people, it actually helps managers to make wise decisions. Giving a person a promotion because he has experience has one great downfall. Knowledge of the job is only based on what happened before and not the numerous possibilities that could happen. …

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Report writing lesson for security guard

About. Quiet student. Report writing.

They are laughing at him. They call him the security guard who needs a report writing lesson. An incident occurred at the east wing of the building last night and Mike the security guard took the report. His superintendent came in this morning. His greatest concern was not that someone …

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Mom in school – adult literacy support

Mouse. Mon in school uses computer.

Pam was named “Mom of the Year” at last year’s school graduation. She was the mom in school who volunteered to be a part of everything. Fundraising events, musical performances, and sports teams, she supported. Some parents called her Pushy Pam but nothing could stop her from being supportive. Pam …

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