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Mom in school – adult literacy support

Pam was named “Mom of the Year” at last year’s school graduation. She was the mom in school who volunteered to be a part of everything. Fundraising events, musical performances, and sports teams, she supported.

Some parents called her Pushy Pam but nothing could stop her from being supportive. Pam usually helped with the cooking, sewing, coaching, and choreographing. This year at the school’s play, Pam volunteered to do something in writing. 

Big night for mom in school

Parents volunteered to assist with the decorations, fund raising events, food, and music. Pam insisted on preparing the schedule to be handed out by the door. It was something huge and going to be the centre of attention at the event.

Pam wore her “Mom of the Year” badge and sat at the entrance of the school’s hall. She welcomed the guests with a nicely designed schedule to the school’s play. She even boasted to the guests that she designed and printed it herself last night. Pam received many compliments such as, “Good job,” “Well done,” and “Keep up the good work.” She must have handed out about one hundred of those documents.

‘This document is full of errors’

One parent stood by the door and scanned the schedule with his eyes. “Who proof-read this document, Ma’am? It’s full of errors!” the man barked. Pam held her mouth. She said, “Sir, I put a lot of effort into it last night, why do you have to be so mean?” The man pointed at the document and asked, “Are you blind, dumb, or you just can’t spell?” Pam was offended and ran off to get the principal.

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‘Kindergarden… storey book… she was board’

The principal made her way through the audience to clear up the matter. “Excuse me, Sir, what seems to be the problem?” she asked the parent. The man looked at the principal up and down and asked, “Did you read this schedule, Ma’am?” He showed her the document and pointed at the sentence:

“At this kindergarden, the children will perform a skit on there favourite storey book.”

The principal’s face expression changed. The man went on to point out some more errors:

“Rapunzel was board in her tower until her deer Prince Charming who war a white quote picked a pretty flour from the garden and one her heart. She new it was through love. He did not waist any time. He saved her and they rode off into the son set.”

Grand announcement for mom in school

As the parent was about to show the principal another part, she interrupted him and turned to Pam. “Listen to me, Pam, it’s one thing if everyone calls you Pushy Pam because you volunteer too much. But, you see this stunt you pulled tonight, it embarrasses our school and makes me look bad.”

The principal stormed off onto the stage and made a grand announcement. She figured if she could insult Pam, it would remove the attention from the school and herself. She ended her speech with, “Don’t volunteer when you can’t spell!” She awaited an applause but there was none.

Undisciplined student. Lazy student. Active learning.

Get mom in school

The audience booed. One woman shouted, “Don’t make fun of Pam, let’s support her by starting an adult literacy programme.” One man announced, “Yes, we are not only here for our children, but for each other too. Let’s get this mom in school today.”

Members of the audience chanted, “Get mom in school, get mom in school, get mom in school!” They left their seats and went to hug Pam. She cried. The applauds grew louder than ever. Pam was a hit at the school’s play. Even the parents who couldn’t stand her were smiling and clapping. The principal joined in the celebration too and apologised to Pam.

After that day, the kindergarten offered literacy classes for the parents of the students. The principal was surprised to see how many parents joined. The adults were taught how to use the spell check on their computers. They were urged to make use of dictionaries when they were uncertain of spelling words. It was a great lesson for their children.

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