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Stationery. Subjects.

Subjects for charts, videos, audio, costumes

Teachers and parents may assist students with subjects in which they have trouble understanding using resources. Subjects may have topics with a lot of notes that require constant learning. Students can memorise this information with resources that cater to the four learning styles.

Visual: Posters, charts, maps, diagrams, photographs, videos

Audio: Recorders, music, videos, pianos, guitars, flutes, drums, microphones

Read-Write: Story books, novels, activity books, journals, sample essays and reports

Kinesthetic: Costumes, props, music, scripts, tools, equipment

Here are some subjects that definitely require resources during the learning process.

Subjects – Math, English, Geography, History

– mathematical formulas, times tables, roman numerals, names of angles, and equation differences;

– English literary devices, grammar rules, vocabulary, difficult words to spell, and words and meanings;

– Geographical location names, labels on a map, and notes on the interaction of air, land, and sea;

– Historical events and period they occurred, names of noteworthy people in history, and changes

Subjects. Disciplined student. Tech in the classroom.

Subjects – Business, Accounting, Spanish, French

– Business terms, definitions, advantages and disadvantages of systems

– Accounting formats, rules, examples of reports, and notes on taxes

– Spanish and French vocabulary translation, and difficult words and pronunciation to remember

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