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Focus exercises usage in the classroom

Whether a class consists of nine-year-olds, teenagers or adults, focus exercises are very helpful. People are unfocussed for many different reasons. They may have a mental, physical or behavioural delay, problems at home or a poor diet.

Some may be stressed, have Attention Deficit Disorder, a short attention span or lack passion for academic work. Or simply, they may be bored in the classroom.

Whatever the reason, a teacher must find ways to keep their students engaged in the lessons at all times. Here are some ideas for teachers to use before or during lessons to keep students wide awake

Focus exercises for deep concentration

Hocus Focus

Students must spot the differences between two similar pictures. This game is fun and engaging. It requires deep concentration and observation. Teachers can set a time for the students to complete the task and reward the first three winners with tokens.

Text Twist

This is an effective ice-breaker for any classroom. Students tap into the vocabulary drawer in their brain. They dissect a word and juggle the letters around to make smaller words. The teacher writes a word on the board say “PARTICIPATE”.

Then, asks students to use the letters in the word in any order to find words that are three letters or more. Some examples of words are “cap”, “cape”, “pat”, “part”, “eat”, “ate”, and “pirate”. The game must be done in a scheduled time. The student with the most words should be rewarded a token.

Word Scramble

Tease the brains of students with a word that looks like gibberish. Let them rearrange the letters until they find an actual word. Students become engaged as they struggle to quickly unscramble the letters before their classmates. This game is fun and challenging for students especially when there can only be one winner.

Bad grades. Lack of focus. Focus exercises.

Word Sleuth

This game requires deep focus. Students must find the words hidden in a forest of letters. They run forward, backward, upward, downward and diagonally. Students must play this game within a set time. The first to finish should be rewarded a token.


This focus exercise allows students to calm down, take long deep breaths, clear their minds, and feel relaxed. It reduces stress, improves concentration, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and increases happiness. Students can meditate in silence for a short period just before a lesson begins or during to refocus their attention.

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