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Learning resources for active learning

Teachers and parents can promote active learning using various learning resources. Here are some ideas to encourage children to develop their cognitive and motor skills while having fun.

Cards and buzzing learning resources

They can play guessing games with the use of flash cards and buzzers. Questions can be created to which answers will be on flash cards. A teacher can allow students to form teams. They can battle against each other in a stipulated time with real buzzing sounds as in a game show.

Dressing up more fun than imagining

Props and costumes are great learning resources for skits, mystery games, and scavenger hunts. The themes of these activities can be based on the lesson of the day. 

Providing props and costumes makes the activity a lot more interesting rather than asking students to use their imaginations. They become enthusiastic to dig into a box that will bring to life the characters they must play.


Bouncing or rotating toys in a classroom are excellent learning resources for recitation exercises. Students can use these for lessons that require them to repeat information aloud from memory. Students also have fun with bouncing balls, hula hoops, paddle balls, pogo sticks and hopper balls.

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