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Memory development and sensory resources

Voice recorder. Outspoken student. Memory development.

The best way to develop a student’s memory is through practise. Learners have preferences when it comes to memory development. Here are some resources that will help the visual learner, auditory learner, read-write learner and kinesthetic learner. Memory¬†development and sensory learners Visual Charts, posters, maps, and diagrams are visual images …

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Tech in the classroom for all learning styles

Keyboard. Tech.

When a giant screen turns on in a classroom, have you ever noticed how quickly the faces of the students glow with amazement? They have no idea what’s about to show but they feel enthusiastic to find out. They know it’s for educational purposes but who cares what it’s for? …

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Learning resources for active learning

Stationery. Learning Resources. Get a job or pass exams.

Teachers and parents can promote active learning using various learning resources. Here are some ideas to encourage children to develop their cognitive and motor skills while having fun. Cards and buzzing learning resources They can play guessing games with the use of flash cards and buzzers. Questions can be created …

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