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Affixes – rules for adding prefixes and suffixes

Affixes - suffixes, drop the consonant, drop the e, change y to i, add s, es, ies, change is ending to es, change us ending to i, change on ending and um ending to a, change ix and ex endings to ces for reading lessons

The process of adding letters to the beginning or ending of words to make new words is called morphology. Words are morphed into new words using affixes. Additions to the beginning of root words are called prefixes and at the end are suffixes. Here is a breakdown on the spelling, …

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Reading lessons: Change someone’s life now

Reading lessons. Narrative writing. Cheerful multiethnic students studying together in campus park

Get ready to teach someone to read immediately. While there are many strategies used by educators that work tremendously, these reading lessons are tailored for a mom, dad, sister, brother or friend who wants to help a struggling reader. You are not required to have teaching experience or some kind …

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