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Digraph: Improve spelling with 22 word lists of 2-letter graphemes

Digraph. Edited photo. Photo of classroom by Katerina Holmes on pexels.com

Learn to spell hundreds of words easily with our digraph word lists. Having all these words in one place that include a digraph in them, makes learning to spell new words very engaging and fun. It is important to learn how to spell words that have a grapheme as this …

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AI words: Download 5 free worksheets with this vowel team

ai words

Learn ai words with these fun worksheets to understand the concept of a digraph. This is a pattern of two letters representing one sound in English such as ‘ai’ in paid. Also, the vowel team represents more than one vowel sound making it impossible to decode ai words. Therefore, ai …

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AI Stories: A perfect rhyming book for story time and learning English

AI Stories

AI Stories is the perfect rhyming book for many constructive situations. Readers will see a word like “hair” used in the right context and can differentiate it from its homophones “hear”, “here” and “hare”. Use AI Stories during story time, spelling improvement classes, poetry sessions, phonological and phonemic awareness lessons, …

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