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Phonological and phonemic awareness: Help a struggling reader with sounds

Phonological and phonemic awareness

When you listen to speakers of a foreign language that you do not understand, you hear a sequence of sounds that you perceive as gibberish. This is because you lack phonological and phonemic awareness of that language. A struggling reader of the English language faces a similar situation. While the …

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2 Letter words: Why readers struggle with them

2 letter words

Have you ever noticed that the ‘f’ in ‘if’ and ‘of’ sounds differently? How about the ‘s’ in the 2 letter words ‘is’ and ‘us’ that makes 2 sounds? You’ve probably learned these words a long time ago and never questioned the differences. A struggling reader however is confused about …

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Spell words easier with lists of 4 grapheme types


Learning to spell red, head and said can be made easy when you know what is a phoneme and a grapheme. Phoneme is the smallest sound you hear in a word and grapheme is the letter or letters used to represent the phoneme in writing. The graphemes e, ea and …

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10 Simple things to know about a phoneme or each sound in a word


Listen carefully to each sound made in the word bat. Each sound that you hear is called a phoneme. A phoneme is the smallest sound in a word. Phonemes are separate from spelling so the focus is on speaking and listening. A phoneme is different in many languages. When you …

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Alphabet: 7 simple things to know about letters and sounds

English Alphabet - 26 letters, capital letters, common letters, consonants, vowels for reading lessons

Good readers know the alphabet like the back of their hands. They don’t stop to think about the look or sound of each letter before putting them together to make words. Singing it fluently comes easily without fumbling around L M N O P. Also, identifying the letters and knowing …

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