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Accounting principles: Download FREE worksheets and posters for study

Accounting principles

Make learning accounting principles easy and fun with these FREE worksheets and posters. They are perfect for simplifying concepts for new students and make introducing difficult topics easier. Students can use these resources to make sure they understand accounting principles fast so that they can spend more time focussing on …

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Synonyms worksheets and posters: Download 60 FREE docs to improve your vocabulary fast

Synonyms worksheets and posters

Expand your vocabulary quickly with these FREE downloadable synonyms worksheets and posters. Each of the 30 synonyms posters carry 10 synonyms of an everyday word. After learning the total of 300 words on the synonyms posters, you can test your knowledge with the 30 synonyms worksheets. The first letter of …

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Memory development and sensory resources

Voice recorder. Outspoken student. Memory development.

The best way to develop a student’s memory is through practise. Learners have preferences when it comes to memory development. Here are some resources that will help the visual learner, auditory learner, read-write learner and kinesthetic learner. Memory development and sensory learners Visual Charts, posters, maps, and diagrams are visual images …

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Exam study tips to make sure you are ready

Exam study tips. Man wearing black crew neck t shirt using black headphones reading book while sitting.

Your exam is around the corner and you don’t feel ready, so you get in cramming mode. The mistake you do not want to make is to read an entire textbook in one night. You’re just going to feel sick and not remember anything in the morning. Asking someone to …

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