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Reading intervention: 20 critical literacy problems to address

Reading intervention

If you know persons who shine in every aspect of their life except for when it comes to reading, then this is for you. Reading intervention is a programme used to bring a struggling reader up to grade level. This programme involves activities and strategies that are tailored to suit …

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Reading lessons: Change someone’s life now

Reading lessons. Narrative writing. Cheerful multiethnic students studying together in campus park

Get ready to teach someone to read immediately. While there are many strategies used by educators that work tremendously, these reading lessons are tailored for a mom, dad, sister, brother or friend who wants to help a struggling reader. You are not required to have teaching experience or some kind …

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How to help my 7-year-old read better?

Read better

It is very concerning to see your child celebrate a 7th birthday and still cannot read fluently. At this age, a child is expected to achieve basic reading skills that is applied to many story books in attempt to read better. This foundation prepares a child for lessons in vocabulary, …

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