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Phonological and phonemic awareness: Help a struggling reader with sounds

Phonological and phonemic awareness

When you listen to speakers of a foreign language that you do not understand, you hear a sequence of sounds that you perceive as gibberish. This is because you lack phonological and phonemic awareness of that language. A struggling reader of the English language faces a similar situation. While the …

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Master spelling with 100-plus word lists and guide on syllable, onset, rime and rhyme

Spelling - syllables, onset, rime, rhyme

Spelling new words like though, thought, through, throughout, thorough and tough doesn’t have to be boring. Students can have fun spelling with our word lists of over 100 endings and guide on syllables, onset, rime and rhyme in many engaging ways. This simple spelling guide includes short explanations of the …

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Vowels: A simple guide on syllables, digraphs, diphthongs, trigraphs, long, short and silent

Vowels, short, long, silent, exceptions for reading lessons

Vowels in the English alphabet are a e i o u and sometimes y. The sounds of vowels can be represented by one, two, three and four letters. The teams that represent a single vowel sound also have the same sound as single letters. This is like the sound made …

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Reading intervention: 20 critical literacy problems to address

Reading intervention

If you know persons who shine in every aspect of their life except for when it comes to reading, then this is for you. Reading intervention is a programme used to bring a struggling reader up to grade level. This programme involves activities and strategies that are tailored to suit …

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