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Middle sounds: Download free worksheets to trace, colour and learn

Middle Sounds

Middle sounds are the vowel sounds you hear when you pronounce a one-syllable word that begins with a consonant and ends with a consonant. The words ‘bed’ and ‘dog’ have the middle sounds short ‘e’ (eh) and short ‘o’ (or). Middle sounds also appear as vowel teams as in the …

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Spelling rules for ch, tch, ck, k, oi, oy, ou, ow, ie, ei

Spelling rules - i before e except after c, exceptions, c sounds like sh, ei sounds like long a, ei sounds like short e for reading lessons

Spelling words in English is not as easy as ABC. It involves learning letter sounds and rules for blending them, forming words and changing their meaning to fit into sentences. A learner must read a lot of books, articles, newspapers and magazines written in English to get familiar with these …

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Learn alphabet: Download 27 free worksheets to colour

Learn alphabet. Colour ABC.

Let your children learn alphabet letters with these fun activities. Children use their tiny hands to colour and explore the different shapes and sizes of capital and common letters. Just provide them with these worksheets in print and a variety of coloured pencils or crayons. Then, watch them learn alphabet …

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Alphabet: 7 simple things to know about letters and sounds

English Alphabet - 26 letters, capital letters, common letters, consonants, vowels for reading lessons

Good readers know the alphabet like the back of their hands. They don’t stop to think about the look or sound of each letter before putting them together to make words. Singing it fluently comes easily without fumbling around L M N O P. Also, identifying the letters and knowing …

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Reading lessons: Change someone’s life now

Reading lessons. Narrative writing. Cheerful multiethnic students studying together in campus park

Get ready to teach someone to read immediately. While there are many strategies used by educators that work tremendously, these reading lessons are tailored for a mom, dad, sister, brother or friend who wants to help a struggling reader. You are not required to have teaching experience or some kind …

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