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Beginning sound d: Download free worksheet, trace, colour

Beginning sound d

Words with the beginning sound d can be learned easily with this free worksheet. Children can read, trace and colour the words with the beginning sound d. They can colour the image that starts with d. The letter d is commonly mistaken for b so teach children that d wears …

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Parts of speech: A simple guide and test to master grammar

Parts of speech

By Joyanne James. Learning the parts of speech in English is not only a topic for school children to get a good grade in English. It affects every type of writing, subject, letter, email, text message, social media post or job application you may write in your lifetime. Get your …

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Here, hare, hear and hair: Spot the homophones

an adorable girl hugging her teddy bear while sleeping

By Joyanne James. Have some fun with words and test your knowledge of the difference between here, hare, hear and hair. In some English varieties, these four words are homophones such as in Caribbean countries but in other varieties only here, hear and hair sound similar. Keep your brain active …

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Paw, pore, poor and pour: Spot the homophones

Poor and pour. Brown pet paw

By Joyanne James. Do you know the difference between the sounds of the words paw, pore, poor and pour? These four words are homophones in some varieties of English such as in Caribbean countries. In other varieties, only pore, poor and pour have the same sound. This fun activity should …

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