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EI Stories

EI Stories: An excellent book for learning difficult English words

When it comes to learning difficult English words, EI Stories is an excellent resource. This book explores words that follow the rule “i before e except after c” as in “field” and “receive”.

Also, readers see entire stories with exceptions to the rule as in “ei” sounding like long “a” in “neighbour”; short “e” in “their”, and long “i” in “height”. After reading this book, words with EI will be easy.

Use this fun book for story time, spelling improvement classes, poetry sessions, phonological and phonemic awareness lessons, reading intervention programmes, adult literacy classes, and English as a second language classes. Stories are entertaining and suitable for anyone who enjoys rhymes.

Words with EI in them are displayed in full bloom in this exciting and entertaining book of short stories with colourful illustrations for readers to grasp the concept of words with the same rimes and the different sounds letters make with the presence of other letters.

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EI Stories

EI Stories book for improving spelling and reading

Persons of all ages will see and hear the words “eight”, “receive”, “their” and “height” in one book and learn that the vowel sounds in all these words do not sound the same even though they look the same.

The EI Stories book comes in both e-book and paperback formats for your pleasure. It is one of a series of fun books that are having a spelling party on the inside.

About EI Stories

The author of EI Stories is Joyanne James and publisher is Culturama Publishing Company. It was launched in December 2022 as part of a 10-book series called Improve Spelling and Reading Skills on Amazon. There are also AI Stories, EA Stories, EE Stories, EY Stories, IE Stories, OA Stories, OO Stories, OU Stories and OW Stories that are all having their own fun with words.

EI Stories is educational material that supports articles on phonics found on Study Zone Institute. The website offers students, parents and teachers – instructions, word lists, posters and videos to help improve spelling skills, understand rime and rhyme, sharpen phonological and phonemic awareness, decode faster and read fluently.

EI in the word list

Use the word list below at home or in the classroom. Create posters, flashcards, write poems or use for journaling.


veil, unveil, ceiling, rottweiler


rein, reindeer, vein, caffeine, being, protein


heir, their, weird, weirdo


feist, feisty, heist, leisure


albeit, either, neither, conceit, deceit, receipt


eight, eighteen, eighty, weigh, weight, overweight, neigh, neighbour, height, freight, sleigh


reign, foreign, feign, sovereign


conceive, receive, deceive, perceive


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