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Interest and Discounts

Interest and discount: Enhance lesson with these 5 FREE worksheets

The topic interest and discount may be simple enough to cover within a short accounting session, so why not make it interesting with these 5 FREE worksheets.

Make sure that students really know what are interest and discount and the difference between discount received and discount allowed.

Some teachers may not be aware that there are students who are struggling with lessons throughout the entire term. Teachers may see errors as silly mistakes and not understand that the student is not too clear on certain concepts.

These 5 FREE worksheets on interest and discount can be used to introduce the topics in basic accounting. The exercises are fun and may lighten the mood of the class.

Students can spend their study time learning the difficult topics instead of fighting with basic questions. These worksheets will prepare them to do homework better, pass exams or do basic accounting for a small business.

How to enhance lesson on interest and discount with these FREE worksheets

When you download these free worksheets to teach or learn interest and discount, you can print the documents on paper size 8.5×11 inches, portrait orientation.

Students can use the worksheets during study time to learn about interest and discount in detail. By practising with these worksheets, you get the foundation needed to do the Accounting Cycle properly.

Download FREE worksheets and learn about interest and discount

Interest on savings

Interest on loan

Discount on items

Discounted price

Discount allowed and Discount received

Download FREE accounting principles worksheets and posters

Types of accounts: Learn ALICE with these 5 FREE worksheets

Build a solid foundation in accounting with these 5 FREE worksheets on types of accounts. You can fully understand which accounts are Assets, Liabilities, Income, Capital and Expenses (ALICE). Download free worksheets

Exploring ‘debit credit’: How to record ALICE accounts with these 5 FREE worksheets

Debit credit is an accounting term used to describe the double entry system. For every debit entry that you record, there must be a credit entry. Download free worksheets

Interest and discount: Enhance lesson with these 5 FREE worksheets

The topic interest and discount may be simple enough to cover within a short accounting session, so why not make it interesting with these 5 FREE worksheets. Download free worksheets

Profit and loss: Understand income and expenses with these 5 FREE worksheets

Profit and loss can be an easy topic in mathematics where you buy something and sell it to gain or lose money. In accounting, however, calculating profit and loss can be a bit more technical. Download free worksheets

Tax types: Know 6 charges with these FREE worksheets

Learn about 6 tax types with these 5 FREE worksheets. Make accounting sessions fun with activities to fill in the blanks, tick the correct answer, and match the tax types to the entities.

Students must know about tax types in basic accounting to do the financial statements. Download free worksheets

Download FREE Accounting Cycle poster to study effectively

Basic accounting can be a daunting task for many students, so using a free accounting poster is very helpful to make the learning process easier. Download free poster

Learn ALICE accounts with FREE poster for studying

Once you learn ALICE accounts which are Assets, Liabilities, Income, Capital and Expenses, studying principles of accounts can be very easy. This FREE poster is perfect for you to accomplish this goal. Download free poster

Master bad debts methods with FREE poster for studying

Customers of a business do not always pay for the goods and services that they receive. This poster on bad debts methods will help you to learn how to deal with these customers in accounting. Download free poster

Learn Balance Sheet format with FREE posters for studying

Knowing the Balance Sheet format helps you to concentrate on more difficult questions in accounting than to waste time trying to remember where to place assets, liabilities and capital. Download free poster

Learn Control Accounts formats with FREE posters

Students can learn Control Accounts formats for Accounts receivable and Accounts payable in basic accounting with these 5 posters. These two accounts tend to have numerous transactions in each. The details are found in their corresponding subsidiary ledgers. Download free poster

Know depreciation methods with FREE posters

Learn two depreciation methods easily with these free posters. Depreciation is an expense that goes to the Income Statement and reduces assets in the Balance Sheet. Download free poster

Learn 6 Trial Balance errors with FREE posters

Whether a Trial Balance has totals that are the same or not, it is a bookkeeper’s responsibility to check for accuracy. This is because there are 6 Trial Balance errors that can cause the final figures to still balance. Download free poster

Complete Income Statement format fast with these FREE posters

The Income Statement format is very important for you to know off your head when doing basic accounting. It is a layout of all the company’s income and expenses. Download free poster

Tell apart Journal types with this FREE poster

You can distinguish the 7 Journal types when you use this Free poster during study time. It is very frustrating to do an entire accounting question and then find out that you have posted numerous items to the wrong Journal types. Download free poster

Study Ledger format with this FREE poster

Use this Free poster during study time to learn the Ledger format for sales and purchases. All day-to-day activities must be recorded in order to know if the business is making a profit or a loss. There are 3 types of Ledgers to record transactions. Download free poster

Memorise 7 accounting ratios with this FREE poster

Memorise 7 Accounting ratios with this free poster. Accounting ratios are calculated to analyse the performance of a business using figures in the financial statements. You should be aware of what the figures mean when they are presented in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Download free poster

Learn 4 types of transactions with these FREE posters

Accounting students and business owners will be familiar with the different types of transactions that generate receipts, invoices, credit notes, bills, vouchers and emails. Download free poster

Grasp Trial Balance meaning with these 9 FREE posters

You can understand Trial Balance meaning with these 9 FREE posters. Writing up a Trial Balance is very simple, but there are many things to know about it other than being a list of accounts with figures. Download free poster

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