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Synonyms and Antonyms
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Synonyms and Antonyms everyone should know

Words with similar meaning are synonyms and words with opposite meaning are antonyms. Synonyms and antonyms make up our diction which is important for fluent expression. When speaking and writing, we need to inform, entertain, explain, describe, persuade and argue our ideas using words. Synonyms and antonyms assist speakers to say what is going on their heads without fumbling. Here is a list of common words with 10 of their synonyms and antonyms that everyone from a young age to a not-so-young age should know. Before using vocabulary, always make sure that you use the synonyms of words in the right context.

Happy, pleased, glad, delighted, cheerful, thrilled, ecstatic, jubilant, enchanted, blissful, elated

Unhappy, sad, miserable, sorrowful, forlorn, despondent, discontented, distraught, concerned, devastated, upset

Good, superior, fine, excellent, improved, brilliant, outstanding, exceptional, admirable, tremendous, splendid

Bad, awful, terrible, horrific, unpleasant, distasteful, obnoxious, repulsive, atrocious, disgusting, horrendous

Calm, peaceful, tranquil, pleasant, placid, cool, coolheaded, harmonious, serene, soothing, agreeable

Angry, annoyed, irritated, fuming, mad, livid, irate, heated, furious, enraged, frustrated

Brave, confident, courageous, daring, fearless, heroic, reckless, spunky, adventurous, audacious, spirited

Scared, frightened, afraid, terrified, fearful, petrified, startled, nervous, alarmed, apprehensive, hesitant

Pretty, attractive, good-looking, nice, charming, enchanting, stunning, handsome, gorgeous, beautiful, appealing

Ugly, unattractive, plain, unsightly, unpleasant, hideous, repellant, displeasing, repugnant, revolting, disagreeable

Synonyms and Antonyms: Big, Small, Build, Destroy, Increase, Decrease

Big, large, great, immense, huge, vast, enormous, massive, substantial, considerable, extensive

Small, tiny, minute, minor, trivial, meagre, limited, unimportant, inconsiderable, insignificant, little

Build, make, create, establish, evolve, form, produce, assemble, construct, erect, set up

Destroy, end, abolish, terminate, crush, damage, dismantle, eradicate, ruin, wreck, smash

Increase, rise, grow, escalate, develop, expand, gain, inflate, boost, advance, intensify

Decrease, cut, reduce, lessen, decline, lose, shrink, diminish, depreciate, deteriorate, degrade

Narrow, thin, fine, slim, slender, skinny, slight, constrict, limit, lean, attenuate

Wide, broad, roomy, ample, outspread, spacious, sweeping, loose, extensive, expansive, comprehensive

Hot, warm, burning, scorching, boiling, blistering, roasting, sweltering, baking, sizzling, flaming

Cold, chilly, cool, freezing, icy, frosty, frigid, biting, piercing, numbing, shivery

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Synonyms and Antonyms: Strong, Weak, Friendly, Unfriendly

Strong, powerful, tough, durable, steady, stable, sturdy, stout, robust, brawny, muscular

Weak, fragile, flimsy, feeble, frail, brittle, unstable, unsteady, delicate, breakable

Friendly, amiable, amicable, sociable, hospitable, favourable, cordial, welcoming, outgoing, approachable, inviting

Unfriendly, hostile, disagreeable. aggressive, unreceptive, uninviting, inhospitable, unfavourable, belligerent

Near, close, adjacent, nearby, adjoining, about, beside, alongside, neighbouring, almost, immediate

Far, distant, remote, detached, miles, removed, inaccessible, everlasting, perpetual, endless

Long, extensive, extended, lengthy, stretched, constant, lingering, elongated, prolonged, protracted, continued, never-ending, rushed

Short, brief, quick, rapid, fleeting, hurried, momentary, rushed, temporary, hasty, transitory

Regular, fixed, orderly, consistent, steady, usual, systematic, structured, efficient, unchanging, everyday

Irregular, variable, uneven, unreliable, jerky, sporadic, periodic, infrequent, erratic, occasional, rare

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