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Phonological and phonemic awareness: Help a struggling reader with sounds

Phonological and phonemic awareness

When you listen to speakers of a foreign language that you do not understand, you hear a sequence of sounds that you perceive as gibberish. This is because you lack phonological and phonemic awareness of that language. A struggling reader of the English language faces a similar situation. While the …

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Master spelling with 100-plus word lists and guide on syllable, onset, rime and rhyme

Spelling - syllables, onset, rime, rhyme

Spelling new words like though, thought, through, throughout, thorough and tough doesn’t have to be boring. Students can have fun spelling with our word lists of over 100 endings and guide on syllables, onset, rime and rhyme in many engaging ways. This simple spelling guide includes short explanations of the …

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They’re, there and their: Correct the homophones

feeding the pigeons

By Joyanne James. Improve your spelling with this fun activity to keep you learning. Test your knowledge of the difference between the homophones they’re, there and their. Keep your brain active with these exercises and make sure that you are always ready to spell. Here is a short story that …

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Paw, pore, poor and pour: Spot the homophones

Poor and pour. Brown pet paw

By Joyanne James. Do you know the difference between the sounds of the words paw, pore, poor and pour? These four words are homophones in some varieties of English such as in Caribbean countries. In other varieties, only pore, poor and pour have the same sound. This fun activity should …

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