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Here, hare, hear and hair: Spot the homophones

an adorable girl hugging her teddy bear while sleeping

By Joyanne James. Have some fun with words and test your knowledge of the difference between here, hare, hear and hair. In some English varieties, these four words are homophones such as in Caribbean countries but in other varieties only here, hear and hair sound similar. Keep your brain active …

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Homophones – words that have same sound

Homophones hole, whole, their, there, they're for reading lessons

The words ‘hear’, ‘hair’, ‘hare’ and ‘here’ are homophones. These words are similar in sound and are spelled differently. Homophones can also have the same spelling as long as the words sound the same. Some are bat, light, bark, and can. These are also called homographs because they look the …

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Hair Here Hare: Download free worksheets to learn homophones

Hair Here Hare

Same sound English words Hair Here Hare can be made easy with these free worksheets. Learn meaning and trace these homophones while having fun. Meanings of the words Hair Here Hare Here are the meanings of the words Hair Here Hare, with examples in sentences. Hair – fine threadlike strands …

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They’re, there and their: Correct the homophones

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By Joyanne James. Improve your spelling with this fun activity to keep you learning. Test your knowledge of the difference between the homophones they’re, there and their. Keep your brain active with these exercises and make sure that you are always ready to spell. Here is a short story that …

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Paw, pore, poor and pour: Spot the homophones

Poor and pour. Brown pet paw

By Joyanne James. Do you know the difference between the sounds of the words paw, pore, poor and pour? These four words are homophones in some varieties of English such as in Caribbean countries. In other varieties, only pore, poor and pour have the same sound. This fun activity should …

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