Teaching and learning are made easy in a Constructivist learning environment. Students can learn at their own pace given the suitable techniques and materials that cater to their needs.

Adults who want to obtain a primary or secondary level education have many personal needs. Adult learning requires a teacher to be patient and understanding.

These students want to learn at their own pace. They may be working people who have families to support and do not have time for set classes.

They want to receive individual attention at a time that suits them and want to be able to sign up for exams when they feel ready and not when a school gives them a stipulated period. Most importantly, adults want their privacy. They do not need a bunch of people knowing their problem.

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YOLO so be smart with your life!

Many kids today are screaming YOLO and believe it means since “you only live once” you must do many stupid things before you die. They abuse the term YOLO incessantly just before they jump off a staircase with a skateboard or party hard the night before an examination. They fail all exams and then they turn 18 years old. Their parents come down on their backs to findStudy Zone Institute - YOLO jobs but, they have no qualifications to apply for a proper one. When they do find a job, they are overworked, underpaid, and feel frustrated. They blame everybody they know including the Government for their situation but themselves.

Why is YOLO linked to being irresponsible?

Being irresponsible is easier to do. The young people are  saying, “Why waste time doing boring stuff like studying and following rules when we can party hard or live dangerously like there is no tomorrow?” They interpret this reckless behaviour as living life to the fullest. As far as they are concerned, anyone who is not in favour of their decisions are party poopers.

What happens when the party is over?

Unfortunately, when these young people become adults, Study Zone Institute - YOLOthey regret everything they did in their younger years. They realise that their interpretation of YOLO was a total misconception. They end up spending their older years trying to put
their lives in order by going back to school. However, they must do so while managing their jobs and families. They end up being just like their parents now lecturing their own children about being smart with their lives.

Seeing YOLO as a positive thing

Young people can encourage positive behaviour using the same YOLO statement. Usually, a person would build up a lot of courage to do something crazy like bunjee jump off a bridge. The experience is exhilarating, but the rush only lasts for a couple of minutes until you are pulled back up. Why not focus that energy into something that would bring long term benefits. If you are 16 years old and feel pressured with school work, scream YOLO and hit those books hard like there is no tomorrow. It is guaranteed to make turning 18 a lot easier.

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The security guard’s improper report

They are laughing at him, the security guard who can’t write a report. An incident occurred at the east wing of the building last night and Mike the security guard took the report. His superintendant came in this morning. His greatest concern was not that someone stole all the barrels stacked for delivery today, but the way Mike wrote his report. His boss passed it around to everyone in the company and even the janitor got a good laugh.

What Mike the security guard thinks

Poor Mike, he does not even know what is happening. He thinks that they are laughing at his comical description of the bandits. He calls them, “An ugly squad looking like they bought their costumes at a discount store.” Mike believes his report is clear enough for the police officers to capture the perpetrators.

The actual report

“My name is Mike, the security guard who you gave the job last week. I know you said that I shouldn’t leave my post, but I was very thirsty so I went upstairs inside the building to get something to drink. The elevator wasn’t working so I climbed plenty plenty plenty stairs. I really went for water but then I saw some sodas in the fridge. You will notice two sodas are missing because I am guarding this place The security guard's improper reportand I will be thirsty. Anyway, when I came back down, I heard voices by the east wing of the building. I peeped through a crease in the wall and saw a bunch of men rolling some barrels outside of the compound. Before I went upstairs, I locked the big gate so I don’t know how they got it opened. They were an ugly squad looking like they bought their costumes at a discount store. Thank goodness they did not see me. Sir, it’s a good thing that I left my post. Imagine what they would have done to me. I am safe. – Mike”

How did Mike get the job in the first place

You may read Mike’s report and wonder how did he even get the job of a security guard in the first place. When applying for the position, Mike wrote a perfect letter and resume. He was called in for the job and given simple questions to The security guard's improper reportanswer in simple English. As you can see, Mike’s usage of spelling, grammar, and punctuation is satisfactory, but clearly he does not understand what is a report.

What Mike needs to do

Obviously, Mike got fired. He walked out of the door not only known as the most disobedient security guard but, the security guard who cannot write a report to save his life. Or, in this case, a report to save his job! Let’s just hope his boss told him exactly why he was being fired. If so, Mike should consider improving his ability to communicate in writing. He could start by reading the daily newspaper. He would notice the difference between a news report and an opinion feature. If he is still not sure, then he could research the topic at a library, on the internet, or speak to an educated person about reports. The answers to most of our problems are right in front our faces.


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Promotion denied you’re not qualified

I have been working my tail off at this organisation for ten years. I do most of the work, I come in early every day, I work on my days off, I work overtime, and never once have I asked for anything. After all of that, they are telling me I am not qualified enough to get a promotion? So what if I never completed secondary school? Does my experience not count for something? I get so mad when I see younger people come out of their big universities and get placed in higher positions than mine. So what if they hold a degree? I have experience. What is more important, a person who knows about the job or a person who can do the job? It is so unfair!

Promotion is for those who deserve it

An employee is distraught after being turned down from the promotion he desires. A manager says to him, “Sorry, you are not qualified enough.” For some reason, that statement makes no sense to the man who worked at the company for ten years.

Take a look at this situation. In the hospitality business, a waiter’s job is to interact with the kitchen staff and the customers. He does this for numerous years and is really good at his job. As a matter of fact, he is one of the reasons why many customers come to the establishment in the first place.

One day, the waiter approaches his manager with a request for a promotion. He applies specifically for the position of his supervisor who just retired. The waiter believes that he knows all the workers and customers well enough to supervise the restaurant.

Promotion, no I am not qualified enough

Unfortunately, his manager refuses him the promotion because he does not possess the academic qualifications necessary for the job. The manager reminds the waiter that years ago he was originally hired as a dishwasher who was promoted to waiter. However, the job of a supervisor requires more than knowing how to wash dishes and wait tables. He would have to roster workers, write reports, deal with inventory, and communicate with customers about food and beverage on an intellectual level. The manager advised the waiter to take some classes, get certified, and apply again. The waiter was angry.

The need for a formal education

While a formal education may seem unnecessary to some people, it actually helps managers to make wise decisions. Giving a person a promotion because he has experience may have one great downfall. The employee may only know what he has been exposed to. What if, in the ten years, the waiter has never met a customer who complained about food poisoning? As a supervisor, what would he do when everyone turns to him about something in which he has no experience?Promotion, no I am not qualified enough

The manager refused the waiter the promotion because he believed the job should go to someone who understands variances, probabilities, and how to substitute x for y when z occurs. He also wants him to know how to speak articulately and have knowledge in business, accounting, biology, and geography. How else would he be able to communicate on behalf of the restaurant? To the worker who feels cheated, it never hurts to improve yourself, even if it’s for a promotion.


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Mom of the Year can’t spell – literacy support

Pam was named “Mom of the Year” at last year’s school graduation. She volunteered to take part in every activity you could name. She supported the fund raising events, musical performances, and sports teams. Some parents called her Pushy Pam but nothing could stop her from being supportive. Pam usually helped with the cooking, sewing, coaching, and choreographing. This year at the school’s play, Pam volunteered to do something in writing. She could not spell and boy did that changed things at the school.

Who proof read this document?

Parents volunteered to assist with the decorations, fund raising events, food, and music. Pam insisted on preparing the schedule to be handed out by the door. It was something huge and going to be the centre of attention at the event.

Pam wore her “Mom of the Year” badge and sat at the entrance of the school’s hall. She welcomed the guests with a nicely designed schedule to the school’s play. She even boasted to the guests that she designed and printed it herself, last night. Pam received many compliments like, “Good job,” “Well done,” and, “Keep up the good work.” She must have handed out about one hundred of those documents.Mom of the Year can't spell!

One parent stood by the door and scanned the schedule with his eyes. “Who proof read this document, Ma’am? It’s full of errors,” the man barked. Pam held her mouth. She said, “Sir, I put a lot of effort into it last night, what do you mean?” The man pointed at the document and asked, “Are you blind, dumb, or you just can’t spell?” Pam was offended and ran off to get the principal.

Don’t volunteer when you can’t spell

The principal made her way through the audience to clear up the matter. “Excuse me, Sir, what seems to be the problem?” she asked the parent. The man looked at the principal up and down and asked, “Did you read this schedule, Ma’am?” He showed her the document and pointed at the sentence, “At this kindergarden, the children will perform a skit on there favourite storey book.”

The principal’s face expression changed. The man went on to point out some more errors, “Rapunzel was board in her tower until her deer Prince Charming who war a white quote picked a pretty flour from the garden and one her heart. She new it was through love. He did not waist any time. He saved her and they rode off into the son set.”

As the parent was about to show the principal another part, she interrupted him and turned to Pam. “Listen to me, Pam, it’s one thing if everyone calls you Pushy Pam because you volunteer too much. But, you see this stunt you pulled tonight, it embarrasses our school and makes me look bad.” The principal stormed off onto the stage and made a grand announcement. She figured if she could insult Pam, it would remove the attention from the school and herself. She ended her speech with, “Don’t volunteer when you can’t spell!” She awaited an applause but there was none.

Let’s support Pam

The audience booed. One woman shouted, “Don’t make fun of Pam, let’s support her by starting an adult literacy programme.” One man announced, “Yes, we are not only here for our children, but for each other too.” Members of the audience left their seats to hug Pam. She cried. The applauds were louder than ever. Pam was a hit at the school’s play. Even the parents who couldn’t stand her were smiling and clapping. The principal joined in the celebration too and apologised to Pam.Mom of the Year can't spell!

After that day, the kindergarten offered literacy classes for the parents of the students. The principal was surprised to see how many parents joined. The adults were taught how to use the spell check on their computers and were urged to make use of dictionaries when they were uncertain of how to spell a word. It was a great lesson for their children.


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