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StudyZoneInstitute.com is the home for students, teachers and parents to find useful information and materials for teaching and learning.Graduation - HomeRead about active learning, types of learners, learning environments, the students in the classroom, focus exercises, learning with technology, outdoor learning, teaching aids, parents’ involvement and more.

Types of LearnersLearners - Home

Everyone has a preference with food, movies, music, books, and cars. In the same way, people have sensory preferences when it comes to learning. There are four styles of learning… Read more

Active Learning and the StudentsActive Learning - Focus

With active learning, the term speaks for itself, students are actively involved in the learning process. There is no chalk and talk at the front of the classroom by a teacher, but… Read more

Personalised LearningProject - Personalised Learning

The personalised learning approach takes into account each student’s needs and preferences in the classroom. A teacher who knows each student’s strengths, weaknesses… Read more

Group Learning Yays and NaysGroup Learning - Home

Group learning is an important aspect of classroom design. It involves all the activities carried out at a work place, dance academy, football club, and even a home. Students collaborate… Read more

Meet the Students in the ClassroomStudents in the Classroom - Home

A classroom is made up of several types of students and it is important for the teacher to know exactly who they are so as to zone in on their needs. For every type of student known… Read more

Technology in the ClassroomTechnology - Home

When a giant screen turns on in a classroom, have you ever notice how quickly the faces of the students glow with amazement? They have no idea what’s about to show but they feel… Read more

Outdoor LearningCrop Plantation - Outdoor Learning - Home

The world outside the home and school has more to it than traffic congestion, buildings, parks, and people pacing busily through the streets. There are many outdoor options… Read more

Parents’ Involvement at HomeProject - Parents - Home

Many parents who wish to help their children with schoolwork may not know where to start. These parents are chastised for not supporting their children in the same way other parents… Read more

Focus ExercisesWriting - Home

Whether a class consists of nine-year-olds, teenagers or adults, it is very important that everyone is able to focus throughout the session. People are unfocussed for many reasons… Read more

Teaching ResourcesTeaching resources - Home

There are many ways to teach and learn lessons. The active ways are obviously better. It is important that teachers and students use resources that include visual, auditory, tactile, reading… Read more

Teens Getting The Job Done RightNo focus - Home

“You better pass those exams,” they say. Tommy told the guidance counsellor about the pressure everyone was putting on him. He told her that since he turned 16 years, everyone… Read more

Never Too Old To LearnPromotion, no I am not qualified enough - Home

I have been working my tail off at this organisation for ten years. I do most of the work, I come in early every day, I work on my days off, I work overtime, and never once have I asked for… Read more