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Vocabulary and grammar
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Improve your vocabulary and grammar using online tools

When we talk about developing communication skills in English, vocabulary and grammar are equally important as these are the basis of making someone understand what we’re saying. There is always a vacuum for learning new words in English speaking and writing.

All the forms of written English result from constant practise of listening, acknowledging, and applying the grammatical rules.

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Whether you’re an essay writer, blog writer, journalist, or marketing writer, the more you practise improving your vocabulary, the better your writing skills become.

This article will discuss some valuable tips to improve your vocabulary and grammar from online resources to improve your English. We will separately discuss elements that help to build English vocabulary and grammar.

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Why are vocabulary and grammar important for writers?

Grammatical mistakes are more noticeable in English writing than in English speaking. When we talk about writing professionally, we must ensure error-free results.

An article, blog, or research paper having grammatical mistakes leaves a negative impression on the reader’s mind. It portrays a sense of unprofessionalism and ruins the credibility of the source and writer.

On the other hand, written vocabulary is much like spoken vocabulary, and you have to make a formation of phrases and words that increase the value of your passage. When the vocabulary is better, the range of terms broadens in your mind, which provokes a sense of creativity in your writing.

Tips to improve grammar and vocabulary using online tools

Develop Native Speaking

Learning the basics of a language is one thing but developing fluency to reach the level of a native language is an actual skill. Various online communication tools help improve the English-speaking abilities of multilinguistic individuals.

These interactive tools offer a communication portal that allows different users to conversate with each other. This activity helps speak the English language in various dialects and accents.

Conversing with native speakers from a platform boosts your confidence to learn and apply new words. You also get an idea of the words and phrases you can use according to the sense of conversation.

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Using Online Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing is an important activity performed during every English learning course. It is part of even the most basic English learning level.

But the correct way of paraphrasing can become a bit challenging for students. In this case, an online paraphrasing tool can better guide teaching new words and phrases.

Paraphrasing tools online provide a range of options to enhance the creativity factor in essay and content writing. Using these tools, you can learn the tone and words used in specific writing styles.

You can paste the original text and choose the kind of paraphrasing style you want to go for based on your niche or area of study.

The tool will provide you with a set of formal and informal terms in a unique manner that would help extend students’ vocabulary.

These tools perform paraphrasing on a human level fluency which can help you apply the right set of words in English speaking and writing.

Reading and writing on these tools can help one learn new terms for sentence formation in public speaking and professional communication.

Using Text-to-Speech Online Tools

Another practical way to assess your English vocabulary and writing is by using AI-based text-to-speed or speech-to-text tools. These tools are very interactive and productive in teaching the correct English vocabulary and grammar.

You can enter some text in these tools and select the read-aloud option so the tool can teach us the correct vocabulary for the words. The ideal thing about such online tools is that they work both ways.

So, if your device has a mic for voice input, you can speak English to see if the tool is getting it the right way. You can perform this method to test your vocabulary and way of speaking. The text-to-speech process is the easiest way of improving your English vocabulary.

Using Grammar Checker

Besides vocabulary, grammatical accuracy is the most crucial element that makes English writing unique and credible. In written and spoken English, placement of correct tenses, active/passive voice, and forms of verbs count a lot.

This ability is often assessed in English essay writing, where the chances of committing mistakes are higher due to the limitation of words and time.

But with the help of an online grammar checker, students and writers can learn the areas for improvement in their written and spoken English.

These tools also work with English dialects, such as American and British English. Sometimes, the vocabulary of a word is the same, but there is a difference in spelling.

Online grammar checking tools provide an apparent reason for highlighting grammatical mistakes and how you can improve them. This feature brings an educational experience for users.

Using Online Text Editors

They say that practise makes a man perfect, and there is no better way to assess your written English abilities than typing on an online text editor.

These editors are much more reliable and efficient than your regular desktop notepads as they work with real-time integrated tools like grammar checkers.

Online text editors give you the freedom of editing, typing, and practising your written English. These tools also provide correction suggestions on any wrong placement of prepositions.

If you make a typing mistake or spelling mistake while typing, the editor will highlight that section so you can undo the error.

Nowadays, online text editors are becoming all in one platform. That means you’ll get read-aloud features for vocabulary and grammar checking features in one single interface.

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Practical learning still wins over theoretical understanding. Learning language subjects like English have always required constant practise, reading, and public speaking. But in this era of technology, all these things can be done without wasting a single piece of paper.

With the online paraphrasing, editing, and grammatical tools, anyone can practice and apply their knowledge of the English language to assess their abilities. These tools are accessible to everyone with no restriction of age.


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