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OW in the rime

OW in words: 15 lists of rimes for spelling activities

Learn to spell while having fun. This ultimate guide of words with OW in them can be used for classroom games, flashcards, posters, poetry and journaling. Get ready to make spelling fun.

The words that include OW may contain digraphs, trigraphs and graphemes with 4 letters. Some of them are rimes that rhyme and some of the rimes don’t rhyme. Before we move on to the OW word lists, let’s explain some of these terms.

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What is a grapheme

A grapheme is the letter or letters used to represent the phoneme in writing. Phoneme is the smallest sound you hear in a word. The graphemes e, ea and ai represent the same middle phoneme in red /r/-/e/-/d/, head /h/-/ea/-/d/ and said /s/-/ai/-/d/.

Phonemes that are represented by different graphemes can make learning to read or spell very difficult for some people. This is because spelling rules don’t apply to words that contain graphemes with more than one letter.

What is a digraph

A digraph is a grapheme made by two letters that represent one sound. Some are:

  • ai in wait
  • ay in day
  • ea in meal
  • ee in feet
  • ei in vein
  • ey in monkey
  • ew in stew
  • ie in field
  • oa in boat
  • oo in took
  • ou in bought
  • ow in tow
  • ch in chat
  • gh in ghost
  • sh in ship
  • ss in passion
  • th in that
  • wh in what
  • wr in write

OW Stories


Words with OW in them are displayed in full bloom in this exciting and entertaining book of short stories for readers to grasp the concept of words with the same rimes that may or may not rhyme. Children of all ages will see and hear the words “cow”, “now”, “how” and “show” in one story and learn that “show” does not sound like the words that have the same rime which is -ow.

What is a trigraph

A trigraph is a grapheme made by three letters that represent one sound. Some of these are:

  • air in hair
  • are in share
  • ear in bear
  • eir in their
  • eig in reign
  • dge in fudge
  • ght in bought
  • oar in roar
  • oor in door
  • igh in sigh
  • ure in cure
  • tch in catch
  • gue in vague

What is a grapheme with 4 letters

A grapheme with 4 letters represents one sound in a word. It does not have an official name but it is referred to as a ‘quadgraph’ by many teachers. Some of these are augh, eigh, ough, ngue and heir.

  • augh in caught, naught daughter
  • eigh in eight, weigh, height
  • ough in through, although, though
  • ngue in tongue, cangue, gangue
  • heir in heirdom, heirloom

What is rime

Rime is the vowel and letters that come after the onset in a syllable. Onset is the letter or blend before a vowel in a syllable. It can be one, two or three consonants.

In cat, the onset is c. In drain, the onset is dr. In through, the onset is thr. In a word with 3 syllables like catalogue, the onsets are c, t and l.

In cat, the rime is at. In drain, the rime is ain. In through, the rime is ough. In catalogue, the rimes are at, al and ogue.

What is rhyme

Rhyme is the close similarity in the final sounds of two or more words. In poems, rhyme is commonly used at the end of the lines.

Words that rhyme with cat are fat, hat, sat and mat which all have the same rime – at. However, red, head and said also rhyme but don’t have the same rime – ed, ead and aid.

OW in the word

The 15 word lists below contain words with OW in them. When OW has one sound, it is a digraph. When you can hear both sounds, it is a diphthong.

When you use our spelling word lists, feel free to share your creativity to be published on this website for the world to see at contact@studyzoneinstitute.com. Share your name and links to your accounts to allow our readers to see more of your work.

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bow, now, elbow, wow, how, cow, vow, chow, owe, tow, know, show, snow, sow


owl, bowl, fowl, growl, howl, prowl, scowl


brown, crown, down, drown, gown, grown, own, disown, town, uptown, thrown, known, clown, flown, mown, frown, renown, shown


browse, drowsy, frowsy, grows, flows, knows, glows


window, shadow, meadow


low, glow, below, flow, blow, slow


row, brow, crowd, throw, grow, crow


allow, swallow, shallow


arrow, barrow, sparrow, narrow


bellow, fellow, mellow, yellow


pillow, willow


follow, hollow


sorrow, borrow


vowel, bowel, towel, trowel


flower, blower, power, tower, shower, powder, mower

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