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4 Letters same sound

4 Letters – one sound: Improve spelling with 5 word lists of 4-letter graphemes

Learning to spell big words can be easy with these 5 word lists of graphemes made up of 4 letters or tetragraph. Having all these words in one place that include graphemes with 4 letters, makes learning to spell new words very engaging.

It is important to learn how to spell words that have a grapheme as this is critical to being able to read fluently. Our lists include everyday words for children to use when writing poems, short stories and taking notes in their journal.

Children can create their own posters, flashcards, charts and projects that display these words to improve their spelling skills during study time.

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What is a grapheme with 4 letters

A grapheme with 4 letters represents one sound in a word. It is referred to as a ‘tetragraph‘ and ‘quadgraph’ by many teachers.

The letters ‘augh’ in ‘caught’ is considered a ‘quadgraph’ as it sounds like the word ‘or’.

But ‘augh’ in ‘laugh’ is not a ‘tetragraph’. It can be described as a combination of 2 digraphs ‘au’ sounding like ‘ah’ and ‘gh’ sounding like ‘f’ as in ‘laf’.

Similarly, ‘ough’ in ‘though’ is considered a ‘quadgraph’ as it sounds like ‘o’ in ‘cold’.

But ‘ough’ in ‘tough’ and ‘drought’ is not a ‘tetragraph’.

In ‘tough’, it can be described as a combination of 2 digraphs ‘ou’ sounding like ‘uh’ and ‘gh’ sounding like ‘f’ as in ‘tuf’.

In ‘drought’, the ‘ou’ is a diphthong sounding like ‘ow’ and the ‘ght’ is a trigraph sounding like ‘t’.

To better understand graphemes consisting of 4 letters, you can have a read on what is a phoneme, grapheme, digraph and trigraph.

For further reading, you can even learn about vowels, consonants, spelling rules, affixes and take a look at this article on reading intervention for struggling learners.

Word lists for graphemes with 4 letters

Here are 5 word lists for graphemes with 4 letters. These are augh, eigh, ough, ngue and heir.


caught, naught, daughter, distraught, slaughter, naughty, haughty, fraught, taught, aught, distraught, goddaughter, stepdaughter, granddaughter


eight, eighth, eighteen, eighty, weigh, weight, outweigh, freight, neigh, neighbour, neighbourhood, sleigh, height, heighten, lightweight, heavyweight, underweight, overweight, paperweight, deadweight


though, although, thorough, thoroughfare, dough, doughnut, borough

thought, thoughtful, thoughtless, afterthought, bought, brought, ought, sought, nought, fought, wrought

through, throughout, breakthrough


tongue, cangue, gangue, langue, meringue


heir, heirloom, heirdom, heirship, coheirs


These 5 word lists for graphemes with 4 letters are very useful for spelling exercises. Students can use them to create posters, flashcards, charts, poems, short stories and notes in a journal. Make study time fun with these words and master spelling and reading quickly.

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