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Trigraph: Spell better with 19 word lists of 3-letter graphemes

Make study time fun with these trigraph word lists. Having all these words in one place that include a trigraph in them, makes learning to spell new words very engaging. It is important to learn how to spell words that have a grapheme as this is critical to being able to read fluently.

Our lists include everyday words for children to use when writing poems, short stories and taking notes in their journal. Children can create their own posters, flashcards, charts and projects that display these words to improve their spelling skills during study time.

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What is a trigraph and what it is not

trigraph is a grapheme made by 3 letters that represent one sound. The term trigraph is used by many people for 3 letters with 3 sounds but these are really called blends. You must sound out a word very slowly in order to hear each sound.

The blends ‘spr’ and ‘scr’ are not trigraphs because they have three separate sounds as in /s/-/p/-/r/ in spread and /s/-/c/-/r/ in scream. The rimes ‘ain’ and ‘oat’ are also not trigraphs as they have two separate sounds as in /ai/-/n/ in rain and /oa/-/t/ in coat.

Trigraph word lists with 19 graphemes

Here are 19 trigraphs with word lists. These are air, are, ear, eau, eer, eir, eig, eou, dge, igh, iou, oar, oor, oul, our, ore, ure, tch and gue.


pair, hair, fair, chair, flair, stair, upstairs, downstairs, repair, fairy, air, lair

laird, dairy, unfair, airport, airline, despair, affair, impair, wheelchair


care, rare, dare, share, bare, mare, hare, ware, fare, glare, scare, flare, stare, snare, aware, prepare, welfare, careful, compare, unaware, spare, square, beware, declare, warfare, daycare, fanfare, farewell

scarecrow bareback, barefoot, carefree, careless, daredevil

dishware, glassware, cookware, tableware, software, hardware


appear, bear, beard, dear, clear, fear, tear, gear, ear, hear, near, nearly, pear, rear, spear, swear, tear, wear, year

early, earn, earth, learn, pearl, search



beauty, beautify, beautiful, beautician, beau, bureau, bureaucrat, plateau, flambeau


beer, deer, peer, steer, sheer, jeer, cheer, eerie, career, pioneer, engineer, domineer, reindeer, rocketeer, puppeteer, volunteer, racketeer, buccaneer


their, weird, weirdo


reign, foreign, feign, sovereign


gorgeous, advantageous, outrageous, righteous, nauseous, courageous, dangerous


edge, grudge, hedge, ledge, fudge, nudge, budge, judge, grudge, badge, wedge, ridge, lodge, dodge, smudge, sledge, fridge, pledge, bridge, porridge


high, sigh, nigh, light, highlight, right, slight, night, might, fight, flight, fright, plight, sight, thigh, tight, alright, knight, bright, tonight, insight, highway, delight, upright, uptight


gracious, ambitious, cautious, precious, anxious, luscious, spacious, vicious, suspicious, obnoxious, atrocious, religious, conscious, ambitious, ferocious, delicious, audacious, malicious, factious         


oar, boar, roar, outroar, board, hoard, soar, aboard, onboard, whiteboard, keyboard, motherboard, cupboard, cardboard, overboard, billboard, boarder


door, floor, poor, moor, indoor, outdoor, doorway, doormat, moorings, flooring, doorbell, doorknob, doorstop


could, would, should


four, fourth, fourteen, pour, tour, your, yourself, odour, court, course, recourse, source, mourn, gourmet, nourish, courier, flourish, resource, yourself

journey, journal, courteous, courtesy, scourge, adjourn, bourbon

tourist, tourism


British English: rumour, humour, tumour, honour, labour, colour, flavour, armour, savour, saviour, parlour, favour, harbour, vapour, armour, endevour, splendour


bore, core, fore, gore, lore, more, pore, sore, tore, wore, swore, score, shore, spore, snore, swore, store, adore, chore, afore, encore, before, ashore, galore, ignore, implore, eyesore, deplore, onshore, offshore, seashore, explore, restore, anymore, boredom, folklore, moreover, evermore, sycamore

forehead, forearm, forehand, foreword, foretell, foretold, foresee, forecast, foremost, foreman, foregone, forerun


cure, endure, mature, immature, secure, tenure, manure, nature, future, impure, purely, allure, fracture, vulture, denture, conjure, texture, torture, fixture, stature, nurture, pasture, procure, rapture, gesture, lecture, capture, culture, feature, picture, failure, venture, mixture, posture, gesture, venture, adventure, manicure, pedicure, armature, puncture, insecure, moisture, creature

sure, unsure, insure, ensure, assure, surely, unsure, surety, fissure, injure, figure, seizure, closure, measure, leisure, treasure, pressure, pleasure, brochure, exposure, composure


itch, etch, catch, fetch, switch, notch, botch, hutch, itchy, butch, butcher, hitch, ditch, latch, hatch, witch, batch, patch, pitch, watch, match, glitch, stitch, snitch, scotch, switch, sketch, clutch, snatch, twitch, ketchup, scratch, kitchen, stretch, hatchet, pitcher, ditch, hutch, dispatch


colleague, fatigue, league, vague, vogue, dialogue, catalogue, monologue, analogue, pirogue, plague, morgue, sinologue, prologue


These word lists for 19 trigraphs are very useful for spelling exercises. Students can use them to create posters, flashcards, charts, poems, short stories and notes in a journal. Make study time fun with these words and master spelling and reading quickly.

When you buy something through our retail links, we may earn commission and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

When you buy something through our retail links, we may earn commission and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

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When you buy something through our retail links, we may earn commission and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

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