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4 Letters – one sound: Improve spelling with 5 word lists of 4-letter graphemes

4 Letters same sound

Learning to spell big words can be easy with these 5 word lists of graphemes made up of 4 letters or tetragraph. Having all these words in one place that include graphemes with 4 letters, makes learning to spell new words very engaging. It is important to learn how to …

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Vowels: A simple guide on syllables, digraphs, diphthongs, trigraphs, long, short and silent

Vowels, short, long, silent, exceptions for reading lessons

Vowels in the English alphabet are a e i o u and sometimes y. The sounds of vowels can be represented by one, two, three and four letters. The teams that represent a single vowel sound also have the same sound as single letters. This is like the sound made …

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Improve reading skills with this phoneme and grapheme guide

Phoneme and Grapheme

An effective way to improve students’ spelling and reading skills is to give them phoneme and grapheme practice. This involves making them aware of sounds made in words and the letters that are used to represent these sounds. An example is the /k/ sound being represented by a ‘c’ in …

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Spell words easier with lists of 4 grapheme types


Learning to spell red, head and said can be made easy when you know what is a phoneme and a grapheme. Phoneme is the smallest sound you hear in a word and grapheme is the letter or letters used to represent the phoneme in writing. The graphemes e, ea and …

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10 Simple things to know about a phoneme or each sound in a word


Listen carefully to each sound made in the word bat. Each sound that you hear is called a phoneme. A phoneme is the smallest sound in a word. Phonemes are separate from spelling so the focus is on speaking and listening. A phoneme is different in many languages. When you …

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