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Working parents
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Working parents: Is physical or online school safer?

Before 2020, working parents gladly dropped off their children to school knowing that they had everything they needed at the institution, while no one was at home. There were teachers to provide knowledge and discipline.

The other students socialised with their children preparing them for all sorts of personalities. The school’s cafeteria had meals, the gym provided exercise, and of course, there was the school nurse to take care of the little ones who felt sick.

Then, online school happened and working parents had to adjust. Setting up an office at home while children did online school had its ups and downs for many working parents. There were the benefits of being safe, spending more time with family and being able to supervise your child’s schoolwork.

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However, it was very challenging to manage your job and your child’s education at the same time. Also, your child’s boredom from lack of socialisation with peers was heart-breaking.

By the end of 2021, many physical schools opened up and students had several rules and regulations to follow while they enjoyed the benefit of interacting physically with their peers and teachers. Some parents loved the idea, others not too much. Physical school possessed too many health and safety risks.

The pleas for public schools to continue with online classes went unheard and a new normal happened. Working parents could no longer get the option to work from home and are left with a serious decision to make that involves the safety of their precious young ones. They either go back out to the large public school or stay at home with a stranger. Here are 6 concerns of working parents since 2021.

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Concerns of working parents

1. I’m concerned about my child’s health

Every parent is concerned about their child’s health. Online school eliminates the worry about other children sneezing and coughing around your child. Physical school offers safety precautions such as wearing masks, visors, washing hands with soap regularly and social distancing. While some parents argue that children do not always obey rules, working parents can stress to their children the importance of following rules and regulations and all should be well.

2. Do children need to socialise with other children?

Having children interact with their peers again sounds like a great idea. Many children studying from home lack motivation to learn, get bored without friends, and their mental health deteriorates. Socialising at physical school helps children build relationships, improves their self-esteem and prepares them for life. While some parents believe health is more important than friendship, working parents can advise children to be responsible and encourage their friends to do the same.

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3. What about bullying at physical school?

Bullying is an issue that many parents wish their children never face while socialising with other children. While doing online classes is the best option for some, working parents may have to accept that dealing with bullying is a part of life that helps to build character in their children. Give your children effective strategies to cope with bullying that can be used throughout life to make them confident well-adjusted adults.

4. Is having less distractions better or not?

Getting good grades can happen with less distractions but can be counterproductive. At home, the environment is peaceful and controlled by family members who can keep quiet. Children are able to focus and understand the lessons.

In a physical classroom, there are class clowns, laughing, passing of notes, the ringing bell and moving around. It is noteworthy to know that learning to concentrate in an active environment actually prepares students for the workplace that may not necessarily be quiet.

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5. Should I trust a stranger in my home?

When working parents cannot be home, leaving their child with others is a great concern. A family with a stay-at-home parent or an extended family has the benefit of deciding on home schooling, private tutoring or doing online classes with a private school. Working parents, however, have heard too many disturbing reports about the abuse of children in the care of untrustworthy sitters and tutors at home. The idea of physical school seems much better as it holds many respectable adults.

6. What about a reputable private school with small classes?

Although a reputable private school with small classes is an additional expense and it also possesses health and safety risks, it is on a much smaller scale and can ease the minds of many working parents. There are far less children for the school to screen and manage. Children enjoy the benefits of making friends and interacting with teachers. Bullying never gets out of hand since all children receive the attention they deserve. Plus, the environment is active for creativity and learning.


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When you buy something through our retail links, we may earn commission and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

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