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AIN words

AIN words: Learn to spell with rime word list

AIN is a rime in the English language. There are many words that begin with an onset made up of one consonant as in ‘gain’ or blends from 2 to 5 consonants, and then end with the rime AIN as in ‘grain’, ‘sprain’, ‘contain’ and ‘mountain’.

Having a word list with AIN makes learning to spell these words and knowing their meanings easier. The word list below contains words with AIN in them.

This AIN word list is very useful for improving spelling or learning English. Each word has an example for learning the meaning of the word. The list is divided into number of letters before AIN.

When you use our spelling word list, feel free to share your creativity to be published on this website at contact@studyzoneinstitute.com.

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AIN word list and examples

1 letter + ain

Gain – Learning new vocabulary lets you gain a lot of knowledge.

Vain – A vain student only cares about appearance and the teacher’s efforts are in vain.

Main – The main reason for attending school is to learn, everything else is a plus.

Pain – She fell off her bike and is in serious pain with her bruises.

Rain – Take an umbrella to shelter from the pouring rain.

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2 letters + ain

Again – The lazy boy failed the test once again.

Brain – Use the brain in your head to think of smart things.

Chain – I got a gold chain and pendant for my birthday.

Drain – Avoid throwing food down the drain in the kitchen sink.

Grain – The man ate every last grain of rice on his plate.

Plain – My dress has no patterns making it a plain dress.

Slain – The soldiers have slain the enemies and won the battle.

Stain – The paint left a stain on my skirt.

Train – He travels by train to go home every day.

3 letters + ain

Domain – Your home is your domain so make it comfortable.

Obtain – Mom went to the supermarket to obtain food to cook.

Remain – The bus was full so we had to remain on the sidewalk.

Sprain – The sprain on his left ankle is still healing so he can’t play football.

Strain – Cramming a lot of school work can put a strain on your brain.

4 letters + ain

Abstain – The dentist ordered the girl to abstain from eating candy to prevent cavities.

Captain – On the ship, the captain welcomed the passengers.

Contain – Inside these bags contain all your belongings.

Curtain – When the big red curtain opened up on stage, we began to sing.

Explain – Sir had to explain the math problem again for us to understand.

Refrain – Students must refrain from disrupting a class with loud talking.

5 letters + ain

Mountain – The hikers climbed a very high mountain in the south.

Fountain – People throw coins in the water fountain and then make wishes.

Complain – When I complain to the teacher about your behaviour, you will get detention.

Restrain – It took four policemen to restrain the hyper criminal.

ain 2 times in a word

Maintain – Covering your books with brown paper would maintain the appearance.

ain + t

Paint – Let’s paint the house in a different colour this year.

Saint – She is a true saint as she takes care of so many sick children.

Faint – The sight of blood makes a lot of people faint.

Taint – Behave properly in public so you won’t taint your reputation.

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