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EAR words

EAR words: Learn trigraph list with homophone guide

EAR is a trigraph as it has 3 letters with one sound. Having a word list with EAR makes learning to spell these words and their meanings easier.

It is important to know that a lot of EAR words sound the same as other words with different spellings as in ‘hear’ and ‘hair’ or ‘pear’ and ‘pair’. These homophones make learning EAR words very difficult to learn.

The word list below contains words with EAR in them. Each word has an example for learning the meaning of the word. In cases where the word has a homophone, it is also shown. This list can be used to improve spelling or learn English.

When you use our spelling word list, feel free to share your creativity to be published on this website at contact@studyzoneinstitute.com.

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EAR word list and examples

Bear – The angry bear raided our campsite. Homophones – beer, bare

Dear – My dear daughter Susie, I love you. Homophones – deer, dare

Ear – I listen to my music in one ear. Homophones – air, heir

Fear – He is very brave and does not fear anything. Homophones – fair, fare

Gear – Fishing rods are included in the camping gear.

Hear – When you hear a siren, there must be an emergency. Homophones – hair, hare, here

Near – She likes to go near the pond to see the turtles better.

Pear – The fruit basket has many apples and only one pear. Homophones – pair, peer, pier

Peer, pier, pear and pair: Spot the homophones

Rear – The back of the car is called the rear. Homophone – rare

Sear – To cook beef fast, you can sear the meat with intense heat.

Tear – Her tear drops flow because her dress has an ugly tear on it.

Wear – All the clothes that you wear are so colourful. Homophones – where, ware

Year – January first starts a whole new year full of dreams.

Blear – I am only seeing blear images as I forgot my glasses at home. Homophone – blare

Clear – The water is so clear that you can see the fishes from the shore.

Drear – After his dog passed, his drear mood made him depressed.

Linear – When you have a linear life-plan, everything follows in a row.

Shear – The farmer will shear a sheep when he wants a wool blanket.

Smear – I like to smear my toast bread with butter.

Spear – Some hunters spear animals in the forest to catch them. Homophone – spare

Swear – People swear on a Bible in the court room before they testify.

Appear – Whenever I start cooking, my friends appear at my house.

Arrear – I have an arrear of homework that is due tomorrow.

Endear – My mom knows how to endear people with her baking.

Nuclear – The use of nuclear weapons can cause great destruction and death of many people.

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