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IE ending words: Learn to spell with word list

IE ending is found in many words in the English language. Some IE ending words are root words as in ‘tie’ and ‘movie’. Others are morphed words that are part of a word family as in ‘hottie’ from ‘hot’ and ‘cutie’ from ‘cute’.

Having a word list with IE ending makes learning to spell these words and knowing their meanings easier. The word list below contains words with IE ending in them.

This IE ending word list is very useful for improving spelling or learning English. Each word has an example for learning the meaning of the word. The list is divided into number of letters before the IE ending.

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IE ending word list and examples

1 letter + IE ending

There are 5 commonly used words with IE ending that have 3 letters in the English language. Here is the list.

Die – The vet said his sick dog would die soon.

Lie – You may lie in bed longer once you always tell the truth and do not lie.

Tie – Wear a tie around your neck and tie your shoe laces too.

Pie – Mom baked a cherry pie for the party.

Vie – The workers vie with each other to get the promotion.

2 letters + IE ending as past tense

Words ending in Y are made past tense with IED ending. Here are examples of past tense words with 2 letters plus IED ending.

Cried – The child cried loudly for ice-cream.

Dried – Our guests dried their hands in paper towels.

Flied – The boy had hit a flied ball out of the park and won the game.

Fried – Eating too much fried foods, is very unhealthy.

Lied – He lied about stealing the money but then told the truth.

Plied – The fisherman plied his trade down the river.

Pried – We pried the stuck window open with a crowbar.

Shied – She shied away when the boy told her she looked nice.

Tried – As long as you have tried your best is all that matters.

3 letters + IE ending

Cutie – My little sister is a real cutie pie.

Movie – We are going to the cinema to watch an action movie.

Genie – I wish I had a genie in a bottle to grant me three wishes.

Eerie – The old abandoned house on the hill looks gloomy and eerie.

Oldie – Aunt Jan is an oldie who is young at heart.

4 letters + IE ending

Cookie – Have a large chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

Beanie – A small skullcap is also called a beanie hat.

junkie – He is a video game junkie who sits in front the screen for hours.

Auntie – My auntie is my mother’s sister.

Foodie – She is a real foodie who eats everything on the menu at restaurants.

Hoodie – The bandit covered his head with a hoodie, and wore shades and a mask.

Bootie – Granny knitted the last bootie for the baby’s tiny foot.

Baddie – Cindy is a good girl but a real baddie when she is angry.

Goalie – The footballer kicked the ball and the goalie saved it from the net.

Birdie – A sweet-singing birdie chirps outside my window.

Weenie – Having a weenie dog does not make you a weenie, but being scared does.

Bookie – We must contact a bookie to place our bets on horse racing.

Hippie – My grandfather, a true hippie in the 60’s, fought for human rights.

Hottie – Mom was a real hottie when she was younger wearing mini-skirts.

Veggie – She wants a veggie burger with no dressing.

Softie – The scary muscular man is a real softie for his baby girl.

Dearie – Help me open this jar dearie, I will make a sandwich for you.

Techie – A techie repaired my computer making it work like new.

Kiddie – She takes her kiddie to the park to play after school.

Doggie – This bag of treats is for my doggie Sparkie.

Zombie – People staring at their phones in public is like a zombie movie.

Barbie – She is pretty in pink and looks like a Barbie doll.

5 letters + IE ending

Calorie – To maintain a healthy weight, you must watch your calorie intake.

Sweetie – Tommy is a sweetie pie helping the elderly carry load.

Sharpie – Use a black sharpie to write your posters to make it bold.

6 letters + IE ending

Smoothie – I made a delicious smoothie with bananas, strawberries, yogurt and honey.

Lingerie – She loves to wear satin lingerie in pink, red and black.

7 letters + IE ending

Menagerie – The little girl had a menagerie of stuffed animals on her bed.

Scrunchie – She wears a bright yellow scrunchie around her ponytail.

8 letters + IE ending

Rotisserie – Dinner will be ready in minutes as we are having rotisserie chicken.

Patisserie – Let’s have ice-cream and chocolate cake at the best patisserie in town.

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