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Lazy student: Keeping the class lively

The lazy student is sluggish, fatigued, and unresponsive. This student comes to class, sits at the back and naps for the entire period. Some teachers interrupt their sessions continuously just to wake up the lazy student.

Others ignore the indolence that remains out of sight behind the other students with attentive faces. Although the lazy student seems uninterested to learn, he or she has needs that should be addressed in a classroom.

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Addressing the needs of the lazy student

It is mandatory for a teacher to address the learning needs of the lazy student. This student needs an active learning environment to be involved in the learning process.

There must be no boring chalk and talk at the front of the classroom by a teacher. It must involve an entire class of students speaking, listening, writing and collaborating with each other.

They should use their hands to create projects, their bodies to perform skits, charades, make presentations, do stretches and have fun while doing so.

What makes a student lazy

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep at home is a serious issue for a student at school. A child may be allowed to stay up late at night to watch TV or play video games. The next day at school, he feels lethargic. He may face a life of poverty and do not get rest at night because of hunger. Also, he may lack sleep in an abusive home.

Teachers can communicate with these students and their parents on a regular basis privately. They should address the underlying concerns that may cause the tiredness displayed at school.

Fear of failure

Some lazy students may have a fear of failure which causes them to procrastinate. Sleeping and daydreaming may be ways of passing the time until exams. Instead of telling people they worked hard but failed, they prefer to say they failed because they never tried. Teachers should promote ways to cope with failure in their lessons.

Poor diet

Fatigue is also commonly caused by a poor diet. Some students may eat very little, too much, or the wrong kinds of foods. Some may suffer with hypoglycemia which occurs when the level of glucose in the blood drops below normal. This is the result when the person takes too long to eat or eats very little carbohydrates.

On the flip side, students with a high carb or fatty diet may be prone to suffer with hyperglycemia. They may have diabetes, heart problems and other ailments related to having excessive weight. The teacher of any subject should include in their lessons examples that promote good nutrition. This is a clever way to educate the students who need to know.

Lack of exercise

Laziness worsens when a person lacks physical activity. Students who feel exhausted all the time are in dire need for some body movements. A tired body also means a tired mind. A lazy student has little or no enthusiasm to learn anything.

Teachers should include activities in their lessons for the tired student. He gets exercise for the mind and body with alert games like Pictionary, Scrabble, team debates and charades.

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A lazy student may be depressed and the reasons for depression could be endless. The student may lack self-esteem, may be abused at home or bullied at school. He may be unhappy with his or her parents’ relationship or denied basic privileges due to poverty.

The teacher should show interest in this student after class to get to the bottom of the issue. Activities can be assigned that require students to give personal information. Daily journal entries, essays about their families, or drawings of bad experiences allow students to express themselves in confidence.

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