Outdoor learning for students and the family

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The world outside the home and school has more to it than traffic congestion, buildings, parks, and people pacing busily through the streets.Outdoor Learning There are many outdoor options for families and schools to enjoy for educational purposes and to have a great time. Here are some outdoor activities to consider when planning your next family outing or field trip.

Spend a day at a river

A river is not only for camping and bathing but offers many outdoor lessons. The topic of rivers can come to life with a visit to a local river. Students, parents and teachers may take notes, photos and videos of the ecology of the river, that is the relationships living organisms have with each other and with their environment.Outdoor Learning

It is important to note the water flow, the main factor that makes the river ecology different from other water ecosystems and the substrate, the surface which the river organisms live.

The fun part will be looking for plants on land and underwater such as algae, invertebrates like crayfish, snails, clams, and mussels, fish that will remain close to the bottom or hide behind obstacles, and birds that prey on the fish. The best activity at the river will be splashing in the fresh cool water and having a swim.

Take a hike for some outdoor learningOutdoor Learning

There is so much to see, hear and learn when hiking being an interesting outdoor event. As long as everyone is equipped with the proper hiking boots, compasses, binoculars, cameras, water bottles, snacks, sunscreens, and first aid kit, the hike would be an educational and fulfilling trip. Any outdoor place approved for hiking will be suitable because nature is seen in all its beauty.

Surprise for students at the crop plantation

A visit to a crop plantation may surprise students when they see the raw state of foods they love to eat.Crop Plantation - Outdoor Learning Some people are fascinated when they see the fruits and vegetables usually seen at the supermarket, in their refrigerators and on their plates hanging from plants, trees, and buried in the ground. A tour around a crop plantation can be more interesting especially if the farmer reaps the carrots, eddoes, potatoes, and other foods from the ground as a demonstration.

Animal farm adventure

A visit to an animal farm is an excellent way to learn about agricultural science. Students do this subject at school so being exposed to an operational farm in their district would be more than a lesson, but an adventure.Animal Farm- Outdoor Learning

They would see several animals in real life for the first time, learn about them, might be able to interact with them if allowed to pet or feed them, and can bring the information in their text books about animals to life. The experience is both fulfilling and entertaining.

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